GTA 5 Car Mods #7 – Ferrari 599 GTO, Aston Martin GT12 and More [Mod Showcase]

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Grand Theft Auto V for PC – Mod Showcase: Car Mods #7

This video will show you some 3D Car Mods for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V.

Car Mods made by: le__AK (, Dyc3.

0:00 – Ferrari 599 GTO –
1:45 – Audi R8 V10 –
3:07 – SSC Ultimate Aero –
4:48 – Aston Martin GT12 –

Recorded and edited by: Maury121


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Damien Starks says:

How do u get so much $

Juan Pablo Gabrielli says:

hi, are these add on cars?

Tnt.575 Gamer says:

Please porche 918spyder💔💔💔

Bharti Dedhia says:

which PC you are using ?????? and can you tell me which all parts you are using to play GTA 5 in PC and also in laptop with 100% of parts required to play…….please reply………?????????

Braddles B says:

What's the background music at 2:54?

Aravind M says:

how to install these

TheTwicey Drums RHCP says:

Is this played on a keyboard or..? The controls seem very smooth actually.

games KNRTdrinkz says:

Nice car wish I could drive that model in gta 5 online ps4.👍👍

Race wall says:

The Ferrari is so nice

golden rockstars says:


Paul Sotenko says:

Anyone part of a mafia type crew? Ps4. Mature crew and organized? I would like to join

McRay Denov says:

That yellow was beuty

newyorkcity14 says:

people are still playing gta v? lol losers

Dany MarCA says:

a new midnight club would be better

Lord POT5 says:

I think you guys will get to 2M subscribers soon)

Jacky YBT says:

how to use in in gta V? Can someone teach me?

chinzo B says:

wow its gta 5 ?? i cant belive i need this mods

William Naidoo says:

You guys should make a video on how to install this mod

Dağhan Tezcan says:

why you didnt do gta chw mobile videos

Usman Ahmed says:

plz upload gta 4 beta and removed content or maybe gta5

MrLossFTW says:

Nice car, but sound is ugly :/ Are those mods dont have like real Ferrary sound?

Saif Horani says:

why there's no update of gta v online in Xbox 360

Younggeoun Yoon says:

anyone know when GTA vice city stories is gonna come out on mobile?

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