GTA 5 Roleplay – I Took Joeys McLaren Senna & Destroyed it | RedlineRP #880

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If you missed the car meet video Joey let me know where he keeps his expensive Senna. He seems to just leave it at his stupid farm. Was pretty easy job to take it from him. After I play around with it and end up sending it at the bottom of the sea. Honestly kind of feed a little bad for Joey as I even end up yoinking his NEW car also. Bad day for him.


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Ben Issa says:

He’s just a zoomer

Johannes Grossberg says:

to you guys know that elanip is the best driver bc he gets stuck everywhere 🙂

Yaseen Essawy says:

Joeys car tires never pop

Lukas Nilsson - Marieskolan 5 says:

Qmother feeeefing t

HarryPlayz says:

Just get bullet proof tires

Jacob Manning says:

Flat tiersssssssss for dayyyyyyyyyyyysysyysysy

Dannon Leetham says:

Fuck why he will get open back

SenNa Ω says:

Ahhh yes so your stole me and destroyed me now I’m kinda sad😂

cool boy nick says:

Love the vids

Vincent Kane says:

flat tire gang

Logan Gardiner says:

U are the best YouTuber

David Valdez says:

Opie's CrimeCar is a Mercedes S-Class W222 Wald Black Bison

Ratboythegamer says:

Type F to pay respects for joey

BadWildWolf says:

Imagine he lets him in the passenger and says lets drive around for a bit and talk about this and then drives to mt chiliad and throws joey and the car off

Fake FC says:

If he was playing in the servers I play in he would get banned instant for like RDM x10 and VDM x20 also with Fail RP

Jacob Morasco says:

I feel bad for Joey he got his car destroyed and now his Lamborghini gone

Landon Hudson says:

Mans is gonna cry later😂😂

Alberto R. Valino says:

Why do you always make josh's life bad?

Jarko Liitmae says:

Feel bad for him! But it's funny at the same time🤣


5:55 imma guess flat tire

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