GTA 5 Roleplay – 'RIDICULOUS SPEED' Hennessey Venom GT | RedlineRP #519

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I heard that this car was very ridiculous in the city. I had to try it out my self to see how fast was it. I was pretty impressed at how fast and how quick we got to max speed. Break need some reeeeeeeeeaaal work.


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TTV. NOTIS says:

Elanip this car does not have brakes!! Also Elanip 336 mph omg🤣

Darkening says:

What server has this car? Please respond

NIkKi MoLLy says:

Fuck bro you need to get bet with that shit

Ian Robinson says:

That's doing 540kmh topped out, that's fuckin crazy

Exevair Baca says:

escape from the police in this car

Mobil Əsədli says:

çox hızlı araba

Tyler Brown says:

The guy said he got him off the line. He fucking cheated. Jumped 2 seconds before

Legendary Motors says:

I have a rc car of this but its gray

Brennan Wisdom says:

That is one of my fav cars ever and is one of the fastest in the world

Kenneth Smith says:

Dam man it hitin 336 mph 400something kph

Andre banks says:

Stop saying she

Surinder Kumar says:

Where you can find it

Cutzum says:

How do i save vehicles to my account on redline. Lets say i buy the hennessy, where do i store it

radek novotnyTV says:

Its not lotus its only Hennessey venom gt

Dsav77 Gaming says:

U should race the Hennessy agains the devil sixteen

Jake Lowe says:

Annoyed me when at the beginning he calls the venom a lotus.

Shalinn 1616 says:

I have venom GT

Shalinn 1616 says:

But I do have this car

Shalinn 1616 says:

Don’t even understand what you’re saying

Jacob Lively says:

You need to buy that car race it with the devil 16


I hate that car it's FAst as shit

Josh Boyett says:

Do this car vs the devel sixteen

10HP says:

Hennessey vs devil Hennessey vs devil Hennessey vs devil Hennessey vs devil Hennessey vs devil Hennessey vs devil plz im spamming it plz ELANIP I BEG U PLZ

Chopstixx 19 says:

hehe 13:32 bbc and also can you do the venom vs devel pls everyone needs it

Hello Dad says:

we all know that speed is so unrealistic for real life and in the game tbh

Hannah Ryan says:

It's only 16000HP and in real life that car only hit 301MPH the Devel Sixteen hit 320MPH

Jesse Waddell says:

America + car = car on steroids aka fastest car ever


Top cars Bugatti Devel sixteen Koenigsegg Hennessy McLaren

Gavin Gillenwater says:

Doooo the race

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