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Another epic GTA 5 car mod; the Saleen S7, this one has working gauges in the dashboard! Make sure to stick around ’till the end of the video for a little crash test 😀


Download the GTA 5 Saleen S7 Mod here:

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Haitian Sensation 182 says:

The car just majestically lands on the highway 😍

The Freeman Initiative says:

aka the 'Veloci'

Andreea Balan says:

Se ve muy real que bonito

★_Vizualize_★ says:

WTF is up with your colour correction

IV.V. MMI says:

This all the way brings me back to midnight club Los Angeles on ps3

NathClaridge17 says:

I'm gonna say it but it looks like a F1GT Longtail… I have honestly never seen this car before so that may be why I think it looks like the mclaren.. Anyone else?

DESPER says:

Nice mod ! the sound engine it's of the Saleen S7 ?

NES CRUZ says:

what music is that

Noah Häfner says:

Please if any modder reads this i want this mod with a koenigsegg agera r

Antonio D says:

Best one yet

Theing Soe says:

If that car was a woman, I'd kiss her

mrsnoo86 says:

now go Online 😉

SCG says:

What mod of graphics you have? Look nice! (ignore my bad english) 😛

안상국 says:

3:42 nice interior damage!

Kristián Uhde says:


Greezi says:

Can someone plz make the Zenvo ST1? It's the fastest street legal car in the world!

ControllerAce says:

I can't find the car

Kenny says:

The car lights don't work.

CH4MP5 HD says:

simply amazing these cars r!!!!

Hypervice says:

Man these super car mods really are great. I find more interest in these than other big mods lol.

Jack lmao says:

3:50 sad saleen 🙁

Pawel Kolodziejczyk says:

Saleen S7 is my favorite car! I got to sit in one

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