Gtr2 Saleen S7 twin turbo Le Mans 1979 HD

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Top speed 239 Mphs no aids just having some fun agains Ai..


Inte8ranD says:

Would love 2 c a 30 minute version of this race?

Inte8ranD says:

Kabrony, simply awesome, Can you do a 10 or 15 minute version of this race at dusk or night race?

mailmeonline says:

@Kabronyproductions still not out… lol

lukassstyyy says:

Love the camera flash of the crowd. This track is amazing

Jaguer91 says:

Coll video, but in my pc this game is not so good O_O do you have graphic card?

Florian Reich says:

it looks so fucking good nice grafics..

Dorifto007 says:

don't wait for rfactor2 it doesnt come with cars, its just a modding base, get gtr2 for now get, rfactor 2 after its been out for a year, then it will be worth it.

Amazing video btw, Virtua LM did magic with this track, it looks amazing.

Organix. Crypto says:

wait for rfactor 2, should be out soon

Organix. Crypto says:

mucha hhahah gracias

fenrizaw says:

where did you get this mod?

nokadota2 says:

the track lookes so nice, where did you get it?

Organix. Crypto says:

lol great mod for sure , nice work cant wait for your next project

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