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MY HELLCAT GIVEAWAY IS LIVE!!! Every $5 spent on is worth 2 entries! To WIN My 2016 Hellcat!


Savage Garage says:

Awesome hanging with ya man! Looking forward to coming back with race gas!! That'll be interesting. Just to be clear its 800 hp, not 1000.

Robert Downs says:

ZR1 has a brother a well known brother the C7Z06 has same engine block different blower same everything else. Only lighter weight.
everyone knows them! Plenty of ultra fast Z06's too!
Love the ZR1 but I buy the C7Z06 cheaper to own cheaper to mod . Swap the blower to the 2300/2650 your choice. 2300 800 rwhp 2650
goes 1000hp plus. I daily drive 2 Z06's both over 800 hp! Both weight less than 3400 pounds with a 1/4 tank. Smacked down all comers so far! Vipers/Mustangs Camaro's all seeing tailights!

Go Street SPEED 717 be awhile before he gets walked

TR TwinTurbo says:

Kerb weight on Ford GT is 3390 lbs, that's significantly more than 3200! And c7 zr1 is about 3560 lbs so the difference is 170 lbs, you guys were a little off on weight estimates and differences lol

Kyle Lowe says:

Sticks are dead. Was fun while it lasted but technology is so much faster 😔

Marcus Woodworth says:

He was goin 150😂

Cameron Hoselton says:

Bruh. How did you get so much money

Juke Turbo says:

That Ford GT is not 1,000 HP or he would have blown you away.

TR TwinTurbo says:

Epic runs but Mike didn't have a passenger so results would have been significantly different and also that 6speed Ricardo is not as easy to quick shift compared to a tremec!

Nentusz 909 says:

I will still stay by the ford gt

christopher coleman says:

I promise you that zr1 ain't touching that Ford gt I know the dude gt owner and he's beaten cars that vette don't stand prayer against only money can make videos that are fake or paid

ZildjianGuy Man says:

Automatic ZR1…… Booooooooo. Other than that, it's awesome.

Mrakmelt says:

That GT will keep aging well while that Corvette will just get cheaper and cheaper looking

Canal Caribeño says:

Love your videos, subscribe and like.

David Troia says:

So i wonder who the lucky person was that won that hellcat

Samuel Miller says:

Gt40 and Ferrari f40 are the 2 most insanely beautiful cars on the planet. There are alot of car companies trying but not many even come close well a slim few come close.

Derryl Putman says:

The new Ford GT would walk this dudes corvette easily LOL

Mr. 6 liter says:

Wow this channel is too rich for my tastes.

sagemodenaruto07 says:

Fort gt is a joke!

J G Frakes says:

The GT should have taken the Vette. It's lighter and has better aero.

elroy jetson says:

I’ve never checked out the read of those cars. I’ve seen ‘em in the Ninja rear view mirror a lot though.

Greg Roberts says:

Cool cars guys. Gotta say the Ford GT is one of the most badass cars of all times.
No flies on the ZR1 either. My personal favorite is the 427 Cobra.

Dre White says:


John Baldwin says:


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