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Harry’s Garage- TVR Griffith last drive- Evo Magazine video diary

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Harry delivers his TVR Griffith to it’s new owner

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D B says:

Another crap video from Harry. Endless blathering and showing nothing of the car.

Erik Hertzer says:

"Cheap as chips parts"

Paul Duncan says:

Reading between the lines……………… it's a pile of doggy poo !

Fr. Duffy Fighting 69th says:

The early Griffith racers were Cobra Killers.

Queen Anne says:

There's something that makes a Griffith even more desirable knowing McLaren and Gordon Murray can't improve it.

SpongeBob SkidPants says:

If I had one I'd call it Gavin.

evil Chelsea smile says:

TVR there amazing car's, I've worked on some very very nice Italian machines but TVR are a proper driver's car

Ciaran D says:

Interesting comment at 6.20… Predict the future often Harry?
Here's hoping 😉

MidEnginedV10 says:

This is absolutely amazing.
From an Australians perspective, these roads are so different.
Narrow, with little to no run off space at all… fantastic.

LPBR says:

Where is this road?

MrSqual8016 says:

A ton of Blablablablabla and not even 20 sec of film from the back of the car, great well done !!!!!!

Stacey McGrath says:

The Modern Arthur Daily minus the hat 🙂

Lachee Brun says:

Thanks Harry and Evo for sharing these videos of modern and older classic performance cars. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing one of the white 308 in your collection. Cheers.

Mike Coleman says:

Come on over!

Baz82 says:

maybe in your next life you will =)

Comfortably Dumb says:

its a videogame retard, there are several cars from the game that ive driven hard in real life that were not accurately represented.

mortemdrummer says:

why can't i be born i nEngland?

Schluesselmensch says:

Where was that then? I saw a solid line for oncoming traffic but Harry had the pass, have I got it wrong?

Schluesselmensch says:

I imagine with the sun behind you, that dash could be a wonderful mirror?

velkoto1 says:

Am I the only one who sees the Fiat Panda in Harry's garage? :)))))

A. Shaw says:

Great video again Harry, Bit naughty overtaking on a solid line you rebel.

jigrodrigues says:

you look kind of creepy. 😀

ViscountAlbany says:

It would help you imagine if you learnt to spell 'steering' 🙂 I drive a non-PAS car every day. Not a TVR though sadly – a Maestro 1.3.

James Franklin says:

the train, probably.

xXDahChubChubXx says:

how would you know what it handles like i doubt you have ever driven one and in "Forza" is not realistic compared to real life driving

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