[HD] Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2005 Snow Plow Drifting ICE FUNNY :)

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It was a snow blizzard that year, and I wanted so bad to go snowboarding, WELL I DID. STUPID SNOW WASN’T GOING TO STOP ME LOL

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Antony Logan says:

hahaha so funny

Samuel says:

Are there any AWD Cars, from other brands, that can compete with this?


awesome subie power

Ryan Golembiewski says:

what kind of engine mods have you done to it. blow off valve stock or not?

Zepsute Filmiki says:

widze że filmik ma 7lat ale i tak napisze genialne subaru, pozdrawiam polaków za granicą ?


Not recommended this operation. It’s easy to suck snow in the engine bay.

dave israel says:

That chick's laugh is annoying

WolfoxBenny says:

First we should heat up the Engi…….Pfuiii pfuiii GONE!

ravi prasad says:

there's proof u don't need a 4×4 truck

bageli tsandila says:

Subaru Impreza owners, thankfully, will never know the difficulties of driving in the snow 😛

Dudus PL says:

kto z polski ?

Rarity Nguyen says:

It's like a snow plow

abjeepify says:

I remember watching this video years ago wishing iould get an sti, now I am driving one!

Samuel Pong says:

get that fucking windshield fixed boi

Don Pedro says:

Kto nie miał nigdy stałego 4×4 nie zrozumie 🙂 .

Mon$$ter says:

zazdroszczę wam śniegu i auta 😀

Kevin C says:

I did this to get to work last year in the NYC blizzard of 2+ feet… it's like a lil plow!!! 😛

SuperHDBob says:

wtfff why half of the video???

MrEddiT says:

Your girlfriend is so cute! hehehe ;-D

Kyle Anderson says:

wtf was this shit

MoKnight AcuraTL says:

what language are u guys speaking its fucking awesome nice car though

Mariusz maxankazuya says:

Panie, przeglądu nie przejdzie.

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