He drives a $2,250,000 Mclaren Speedtail | What do you do for a living?

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This brand new hypercar seats 3 up at the front and looks like a spaceship!
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So What do You do For a Living? Follow me as I ask luxury supercar, hypercar, mansion and super yacht owners what they do for a living. New videos in this series uploaded every day!

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Влад Рудницкий says:

"You should probably go to college"
Yeah. Someone needs to change his tires and wash his car regularly)

Tan Zhao Feng says:

I'm curious on how to get into these kind of college without college certification, well unless you have strong resume 🤔

spencer says:

Man that's ugly as heck

Rex Quite says:

LOL go to a trade school Way less debt and then will pay it off. I have my cdl class A and all endorsements and no debt form school

Giwrgos K says:

no collage . casually rollin his blunt not givin an absolute fck. maybe with his son also.. in a dream car . legend in my book

BiLLYUM _ says:

That car is ugly lol

Mathew Decorse says:

Oh so you drive a right hand drive import skyline? Lemme show you something

AJ Aurgemma says:

Stop asking people what they do for a living it’s so cringy. Why not ask how are you today?

Jacob Paolozzi says:

You should probably go to college lol

not ameen says:

Sent this to your mom
Pro motion

Drew Jennings says:

No back seats but seats 3 … awesome

Fatih K. says:

What did he take out between his lap? Bag of weed?😂👍🏼

Dev Sharma says:

He said that cause his son was with him

jonathan talaie says:

I guess the company gave him a Patek 5167

Reece says:

He don’t sale them thy sale thy self

AustinDied says:

Why did the blond guy look like Tommy innit

Alla Dean says:

I prefer a Beamer over that car

Eric Lucci says:

nice clickbait

Edge HODL says:

finally a normal guy, not like others, with stupid fake replies.

Liquidfly says:

I have a hot wheels that looks like that car

Dillon Miller says:

Fucking crazy how much people will spend on a car

Billie Eilish best fan ever says:

Oh thats my Dady

Zach Dellinger says:

The guy in the back tries to take the bag before he shows the canera

Birdie Curry says:

Orange and grey exterior 🤢

Ali Saleh says:

Yo u see that bag of weed

Daniel Robinson says:

I bet Gordon Murray hates mclaren for bastardising his design of the f1

Aaron Schecter says:

Domunes hit box

Rodrigo Toledo says:

He works for the company, he did not go to college and he is wearing a patek philippe. I don't think so😂

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