Head 2 Head FULL EPISODE | 2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast v 2019 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye—Ep. 108

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On this episode of Head 2 Head, Jonny Lieberman and Jethro Bovingdon visit the nearly 800 horsepower club. The Ferrari 812 Superfast and Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye might seem worlds apart on paper—and believe us, they are—but they are only separated by 8 horsepower. Beyond that, each car is an Instagram star, the type of vehicle that we all would have had a poster of on our bedroom wall as teenagers. The boys must figure out which almost 800 horsepower car is best via the three Ds—driving, drag racing, and, of course, drifting. Burnouts also play a role because, hey, there’s almost 1,600 horsepower on tap. Which car is the better dream machine? Watch and find out!

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The RAD says:

I have never seen a shittier driver — why do you let an Englishman drag a muscle car —- it embarrassing and funny 😆


Challenger 4ever

Mike Blizzard says:

The dude driving the hellcat isn't even using the launch feature… someone needs to read instructions..

Anthony Shoemaker says:

They should have tossed the demon instead of the red eye in the drag race that would be a fun race

Ryen Henry says:

soo why did they make the guy in a ferrari put on his fire suit but not the hellcat driver? lol maybe he was right about them hating on the fact he was driving a ferrari lol

Juan Velazquez says:

The guy on the hellcat redeye don’t know how to drive

Juan Velazquez says:

The challenger hellcat redeye is faster than that Ferrari

Alvin Ssonko says:

That Ferrari is super fast!

Pixel Dust says:

McLaren engine made by…not McLaren.

Muney Jordan23 says:

The didn’t talk for free thing was hilarious

ÁLVINHOO_ 124 says:

Mais esse piloto do challenger é muito ruim🙄.
É claro que o dodge consegui passa essa ferrari 812

Specimen021 says:

The Challenger doesn't sound great, I don't think. The engine itself is monotone and boring, the supercharger whine is exciting for a minute, then gets obnoxious. Watched a guy rev and spin the wheels on his Hellcat once, after a 30 seconds I wanted him to be done with it.

Carlos Berto says:

Guy driving the redeye looks like a guy that drives a “self driving” Tesla. And drove it worst than my grandpa drive his old truck! Guy sucks as a driver

Islam Muhammad says:

Nice; They are at Canyon Lake, my favorite lake in Phoenix Arizona!

1smokeydog1 says:

The guy was not driving the Hellcat well at all…they run in the 10's all day with a decent driver. Hellcat should beat that Ferrari.

Juan Velazquez says:

Bro the guy don’t know how to drive the hellcat the challenger would of win that stupid Ferrari it’s slow

Christian Gomez says:

Why would anybody pay for this content any other car youtuber has much better content for FREE some EX: illiminate crew, Dustin, lowtek, danny z, straight pipes

A Christian says:

American Iron, what do you expect.

Jesse Lee says:

Just roosting that Ferrari. Pretty cool job ya'll.

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