Hellcat battles ZR1 Corvette-1/4 mile drag races,the fastest Vette vs the fastest Dodge

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Wheels presents two drag races between Stock Challenger Hellcat and stock Corvette ZR1 638-hp, 6.2-liter V-8 supercharged.Music by Ryan Little The Winds
(Mr.Chase Remix),find more at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNNWgG-OiTQfvIE9cToLXdA
The best of modern muscle cars,drag race,top speed,acceleration,burnouts,sound.


Bret Swanson says:

That race official hits my vett one more time and he’s going to loose at least three teeth! Ass hat!

Eli Waldrep says:

Corvette is best of both worlds… Track and drag

repo man says:

Cmon mane we ALL know the vettes gonna take it..

Jeffrey Dohnger says:

I like to be able to see when I drive on the highway and wouldn't buy a car that has b pillars blocking 27% of my mirror views.
Vette is way better for most situations.
The Hellcat would be fun for making doughnuts in the bar parking lot and pissing of the neighbors and scaring the elderly.

Douglas Usher says:

Something is wrong. A C6 zo6 traps 125-126 stock. Zr1 is even faster. Something is not rite here

Dutch Prior says:

Dude in the ZR1 can't drive.

johnny d says:

How sad that a big box of a car can beat a corvette. Whats this world coming too?

Krisdaan 1 says:

One more time, rock paper scissors

J B says:

That HC should be in the 10s rookie drivers here on both sides but great race

John Smith says:

Gawg that dodge is fugly!

joeyripswell says:

did the dodge have street slicks? looks like strip tires

Jeff polara says:

Given a mile the Dodge been 1/2 mile behind

Quinton Lee says:

The demon is the fastest dodge

Terminator X says:

Corvettes are the worst cars ever built. A two seater that can’t even beat an old school muscle car. Over priced useless car.

Joel Cromwell says:

I love this I'm a gearhead but the Tesla sedan smokes em both…

Thaddeaus Caldwell says:

I've owned a few corvettes in my time and would choose a vette over a dodge , any day.

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