Hellcat Unleashed: The 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT! – World's Fastest Car Show Ep 4.7

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The wait is over: Justin Bell gets behind the wheel of a game changer, the one and only 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. Sit back, relax, and turn-up the volume as Justin lays down rubber and exhaust notes in the 707 HP muscle car of dreams.

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Sumukh says:

Car that physics forgot 😂

Zev says:

Please tell me the location of this video exact I want to take pics there (edit) never mind it’s at the 777 tower in LA


Why did you guys takedown the Challenger Hellcat video released back in 2014 and also the Charger Hellcat video also released back in 2014. And also why did you guys take down the head-to-head Challenger Hellcat vs. Chevy Camaro ZL1 released back in 2015. In my opinion those were the three best videos ever posted anywhere and you guys took them down. I want them back.

eugene derry says:

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat has 707 horsepowers. It is a super fast car. I have to admit that I am too scared to drive that car.

eugene derry says:

Chrysler makes very good muscle cars and sport cars. I mean the car company. Dodge is the best American car brand ever. Dodge Challengers are my favorite American muscle car.

corvettes 909 says:

Cool car..dump the host.

George S says:

Nice car but not the fastest.

s ga says:

You probably don't monitor the responses anymore. I know its an older Challenger video but I still watch even after all these years. Justin was most excellent. I will own either the Hellcat or Challenger T/A 392.

rene le page says:

Looks like so much fun

andrew mroz says:

Dodge makes garbage it is a heavy car the seats look like couches and has lot of tech which always breaks down

Krazy SRT8 says:

I am running P-Zero's on my SRT8 also, and have enough difficulties connecting. They are also 295,s and my SRT doesn't have near the power of the Cat, so I just cant see why they are only running 275,s on that monster.

joshua hand says:

the car is beautiful. it is also rear wheel drive, two doors, and has a manual gearbox. this is the formula

Ryan Mack says:

may i have it

Pete D says:

"amazing p zero tires" really?

Alex Andrews says:

The most common criticism of this car is that it's big and heavy and that the lighter Mustangs, Camaros and Corvettes can outperform it with less horsepower and handle better. And my answer is, yeah? So what? This is the last true muscle car, it's unique in that aspect. From the factory it's not designed to be able to spank those lighter sports cars, even though it can with the right mods and the right driver. I love how big, mean looking and intimidating this car is. It's a man's car. Also, no one considers this but should you get in a wreck, you probably want to be in the heavier car because there is more mass to absorb the impact, and the body itself isn't so close to you. Finally, I bet you with wider and sticky rear tires and some 3.23 rear gears this thing would smoke almost anything else on the road in the straight line, and there are suspension mods you can do to make it corner very well.

Alex Andrews says:

As is I absolutely love this car, but I'm eager to see what they do on the Alfa Romeo frame/chassis with weight savings and a slightly smaller body. As long as they don't ruin the looks and maybe even make it look more old school, I'll probably get one

Allen Saunders says:

you are a world class driver this car kind of needs that

Allen Saunders says:

of course you have a world class driver

Allen Saunders says:

not as good around corners as a gt350r or camaro z28

s ga says:

Mr Bell.. the 30 th time at least I've watched this although I have no proof.. am convincing myself and my wife the Hellcat in Sublime is absolutely nessesary

JerseyMikeP says:

Just have to wait and see what the new Hellcat with the lighter chassis will do;-)

750hp and 500lbs lighter…that sound like fun.

JerseyMikeP says:

He messed up @ 3:49…the Challenger Hellcat is NHRA certified at 10.8, the Charger is the one with the 11.0 time. Hellcat charger does 204.55mph vs. the Challenger 199mph.

Thomas says:

Can you also save fuel with the black key?

Adolfo Gomez says:

he did not floor it

Timothy Lackey says:

1970 cuda grand coupe convertible, Arizona car, original fact air, go green 440 shaker. 90 pct restored must sell due to health.810-336-3895. crying over this.

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