Hennessey Venom F5: America's Redemption Arc?

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Hennessey is the name, 311MPH is the aim, top speed is the game, and unlike SSC, there won’t be Dewetron to blame!! The Venom F5 finally reached production, gone are the shell cars, gone are the prototypes, the running engines, the bare chassis! It’s all assembled and Venom F5 Chassis 01 will be on it’s way to it’s first customer…but of course, not without a bit of testing to do.

Bring this victory home, John Hennessey.

Persona 5 – Life Will Change Instrumental

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Hennessey Performance says:

We won’t let you down.

Kristof Zugn says:

Please awnser me a question.
Maybe this is a dumb question but whats the difference between a z06 and a c7?

Priti Mukherjee says:

Damn, America is finally doing something noteworthy in the automotive industry other than butchering their name. This is the year of surprises.

Kar-98K says:

69k views. nice.

Cal Pilot says:

I know this is not in the theme of hennesy but my brother said that its a sin to put japanese or chinese symbols on american cars
So i asked myself that if also putting german symbols like the symbol for victory from ww2 is also a sin for american cars. Im just a young enthusiast that is still learning

mark daniel quindoxa says:

Hey bladed did u lose subs or is it just me halucinating?

Joe Garrett-Robinson says:

hold on
is the TOP SPEED of the McLaren F1 241.2 MPH or 240 MPH?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Joe Garrett-Robinson says:

venom F5
enhanced fujita scale 5

Joe Garrett-Robinson says:

american hypercar anthem

Joe Garrett-Robinson says:

scc check
venom F5 check
jesko WE'RE waiting!

Joe Garrett-Robinson says:

project cars 3 venom F5 is bomb
THX Hennessy performance!!!

Bobby Lavinier says:

Bugatti is like that boss No one wants to fight 🤣

super racing gamer super racing gamer says:

Next SSC freaking tuatara


SSC tuatara speed is not fake

Jack The Demon2x574 says:

But bladed

Wheres the Supra?

Luffy but fat says:

i mean the tuatara did a second run but had some mechanical issues, so they are doing a third run sometime soon.

Poison Bullet X.7 says:

Plz do a Australian or Holden video plzzzzzzzzzz

Siddhant Roy says:

This is why i was thinking why does the lotus evija and venom f5 looks so similar in the front looks

W D 128 says:

The story behind Farmall

Porter Thompson says:

go Hennessey

Alpha Tito says:

I dont know but i think they have optional 6 gear manual

The Backyard Railfan says:

I love Corvit Z zer-ur sixes

FuturistiMan says:

one week later: Bladed deletes this video and uploaded, Hennessey faked it"s record?
FuturistiMan: Stop it shell cars!
Devel: Believe in us, we will go break the sound barrier.
Miata: Huh? That's it, I break the laws of physics by going faster than light.
Key: Warp Drift.

X-90 says:

I do think that you shouldn’t let go of SSC. It has some possibilities according to Robert

N says:

Stop America being an embarrassment to the supercar industry

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