Hennessey Venom F5 First Look, 1,600 HP! | 2017 SEMA Show

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After a string of teasers, Hennessey Performance Engineering has debuted its all-new Venom F5 – a 1,600-horsepower hypercar with a claimed top speed of 301 mph.

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StanleySimmons REACTIONS says:

If I had $1.6 Million and could trust John Hennessey not to scam me I'd love to buy this over a Bugatti

Mrdean89 says:

How long have this thing been in the works and no running model???????

Timmi Schulz says:

1,6 mio and i buy a ugr lambo with 2500 hp😊

Denett Ortiz says:

It is gm based, please dont hate

Dilawar Lutfi says:

Bro that's not an LS. That engine is made by Hennessey. A brand new 7.4 V8.

Ronald Gabriel says:

Looks amazing

automotivefiles says:

The Fastest Car In The World !!!

derek blasiak says:

love the wood screws at 54 seconds, Carbon fiber ? No wood fiber!

Mohammed MF36 says:

From back side like a Gta games car.. must to reconsider the design.

Darr Whyask says:

The omission of a proper dual clutch gearbox seems a very obvious mistake.

DocWolph says:

Only 24 cars? How about a more "regular"production model with "only " 600hp. Say 100 units or a bit more?

aljohn tabion says:

What i dont understand is why Chiron needed 16 cylinders and 4 turbos to get to 1500 hp but Hennessey does it with a much smaller V8 and only 2 turbos… Is VW engineers compensating much

LaBounti says:

Pretty sure this 1:1 model car still costs more than mine.

Tyus Robinson says:

i bet it wont make it to production….

THK says:

LOL @ single clutch for $1.6m. Gtfo here.

Tal -ha says:

I'm so close to unsubscribing

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