Hennessey Venom F5 Global Public Debut // Amelia Island Concours 2021

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On May 22-23, the Hennessey Venom F5 hypercar made its global public debut at the Amelia Island Concours in Florida at the Ritz-Carlton. The first of 24 ultra-exclusive models was on show to thousands of car fans and members of the media at the Amelia’s Cars & Coffee on May 22 and the main Concours d’Elegance event on May 23. We thank all who were able to visit our display for helping us share in this special occasion!

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BigMo says:

20th time asking… when is the top speed test for the Viper F5…. your fans what to be supportive

Nadia Manzoor says:

Hennessy venom f5 better than Bugatti I think so

Robert Moore says:

Very Nice vehicle. First I saw a reported 301, now 316-317.
The car sounds like a cammed 550-650HP car, but 1800 instead.

Marijland Leaf Company says:

This is fire congrats guys…USA ❤️…I’d cop over any foreign

the loshman says:

Looks like Ferrari inspired front end with McLaren inspired rear. Beautiful

Jao Xiden says:

She's definitely a head-turner. Exhaust at idle is just straight nasty.

Рафаэль Гареев2 says:

Great work I really love this

shiznuts says:

Too bad the design, especially the tailpipes, has changed from the original concept.

Alien X says:

That has got to be America’s most anticipated super/hyper car! It’s better than any super car!

Eric Williams says:

Good grief that exhaust note is music to my ears!!!
I saw where people were saying it sounds different from a Ferrari, or Lamborghini.
Of course it sounds different. This is an American take on a Sportscar ( Super car/ Mega car or whatever you want to call it now)…

Kevin263 says:

I feel like this is what Koenigsegg has been waiting on. Let the kings show their faces, before the gods strike down upon them. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Ethan Schmid says:

This is it!!!!! Are you listening Bugatti!?!?!? America is getting back in the game!!! You have something we Americans and Hennessy wanted. Soon, it will be ours. You may have beaten us and the Swedish people’s car company Koenigsegg to 300 mph out of nowhere first, but this Venom F5 will demolish that Chiron Super Sport of yours!!! Get ready, Bugatti, because Hennessey, with the United States, by their side, is coming for you!!!!!

1985 Honda CR-X Si says:

yo do you guys upgrade jl wranglers

Sidhant Megh9 says:

Jesko Absolut 🆚 Venom F5 Drag Race 🏁

Derek g says:

Heard about this damn thing for years are we ever gunna see it on the road

rob jack says:

When a car has more fans than Joe Biden

Play GT says:

I wish that the production version get 1350HP instead of 1817HP with V16 engine that works with biogas or biodiesel, that would be an awesome car, and could reach the 300mph with a V16 of 1350HP. 😉😉😉♻️♻️🏎️🔥

alphabravo cheesecake says:

baddest car on the planet

Maxxed Redline Productions says:

Can't wait for the top speed test! 😁

helldog134 says:

I feel more poor looking at it.. Wish I was rich.

Marlon Elmore Freedom Is Ours not division says:

Everyone take notice this is what America is about V8 and V12 no offense against electric cars but not everyone is into electric cars

Salman Kh says:

Let’s Boycott Bugatti Again

223s says:

white or yellow car so you can see details more clearly with black rims would of been very nice

MclarenP1Brian says:

The LykAn Hyperaport look so nice

crodrc51able says:

Yessss. Cammed pushrod. And it’s ours!!!

casualobserver77 says:


M Quin says:

Amazing car. What is appalling is, I didn’t see one damn person with a mask one. Ridiculous. The CDC should’ve waited to say people could stop wearing masks if they were vaccinated. It was too soon. I guarantee every single person there has not been vaccinated. This virus will never go away.

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