Hennessey Venom F5: John Hennessey Talks Speed, Style And Taking On The Big Boys – Carfection

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We caught up with John Hennessey, the man behind the once and possibly future fastest cars in the world. The Hennessey Venom F5 might break 300 mph and the likes of Koenigsegg and Bugatti are taking note.

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larryisyodad says:

wooo to many buggati and mclaren fanboys down here

michael charles says:

devel, koeniggsegg, bugatti, ferrari, ferrari ?!….

Romess1 says:

He basically said his company is advocating bragging the speed you can reach on a stretch. Sounds about right.

mac cheese says:

USA baby 😍💙😍

L Garza says:

I cant find a video of this car with engine running….the whole storie is a fake…this car does not exist…if I had built this car or any car guy you damn sure would see videos of it moving down the road. Why is it such a secret….all you see is videos of a shell spinning at a car show no engine revving….


@@@ For the lucky Few that will drive this Wicked car i Salute you !!!

HC DaVe says:

I'm always rooting for the underdog 👍i feel like all other hypercars are just for show off let others know you're stinkin rich smfh…. this is a real man's hypercar and much cheaper

Liberty Walk says:

It's the status symbol that the people want. Yes maybe the performance, but guys cmon you guys get the point. Stop with the argument i won't and you guys won't be able to afford. If you could it doesn't mean you can buy it. Only less than 10 would be able to.

BeastMode Overseer says:


davidsirmons says:

This company has the chance to make this really happen. The Vector was all hype and zero delivery, not to mention it had very poor engineering. Not so with this one.

fleetwoodray says:

Allen Saunders…you are a troll. Go away.

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