Hennessey Venom F5 vs Koenigsegg Jesko – Drag Race 20 KM

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Venom and Jesko by RTM


Bhammar Satish J. says:

Finally ragera wins

Dheerendra Yadav says:

I think your statistics are somewhat wrong ag Hennessey claimed 0-100 in 2s, 0-200 in less then 5s, 0-300 in less than 10s, 0-400 in less then 20sec.
These stats are quicker than the jesko

Tropical vibes says:

Hennessy is actually like 301+ mph and the jesko is 316+ so in real life jesko would easily win

Fritz Arminius says:

Where is the fucking ramp at the end of the 20km????

Samuel Bodea says:

Both cars are awesome, but Hennessey Motorsport doesn’t get the respect they deserve. They’ve been going real fast for many many years now, and I think all that experience will transpire nicely on their new Venom F5. People don’t call them the Capital Horsepower of the world for nothing. If Jesko Absolete gets 330mph, then Venom F5 shoots for 340mph. We will need to wait until later this year to see these 2 great machines duke it out. But my money goes on the Venom F5.

Marilyn Chathury says:

wat game is that

L B says:

Lmao Koenigsegg fanboys make the Jesko faster.

Teddu says:

The Jesko has alot more downforce:)

R3Dash— Cloud91 says:

That f5 venom sound is mean af

Armaan Kapadia says:


F5: Aight don’t mind me just gonna do a burp…

Tr3 Savage626 says:

Love the vid.. I thought it was a video game honestly but Hennessy venom F5 vs Koenigsegg Jesko vs Ferrari 599 XXE (forza horizon 300mph edition) now that’s a race for ya

Tr3 Savage626 says:

What game is that??

Explore17 says:

2:08 fucking jets!

anthony lerew says:

Is this a computer game or what

R . A . P says:

Hey what is game?

rahzzz Channel says:

Why 6 speed only? They use 7 right now

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