Hennessey's 290-Mph Supercar Is Insanity on Wheels

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Aug. 13 (Bloomberg) –- Carmaker Hennessey announced that their upcoming model, the Venom F5, will have a top speed of 290 miles per hour, making it the fastest production car ever. Here’s the question: what is the point of owning a car whose top speed is too fast for Formula 1 racing, let alone any highway in the world? Video by: Alan Jeffries, Justin Beach (Source: Bloomberg)

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Justin Johnson says:

Everyone is wasting their time, straight up. Koenigsegg Jesko will reach 308MPH. Enjoy the title for now Bugatti, Koenigsegg will reign supreme.

Enrique Navarrete says:

You talk like an old lady that is offended by short skirts

Briant Self says:

You don't have to take the car to its limits, it's just cool to know that it's capable of those speeds

Michael Eaton says:

Lol I'd try the limit

Thordur Hogna says:

Fastest go kart in the world

Matt Banman says:

Video sucks

SimTheNep says:

AAAAND the chiron is only allowed to go 61 street legaly but the chiron sucks
this f5 might be limited
i think koenigsegg is still gona beat off hypers but if the f5 is limited it will overcome it street legaly

Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago says:

This chick should not be allowed to make car rant videos.

ASMER says:

the fastest car in the would go 311 mph, the new Bugatti chiron

Vosiferous says:

Hey, if I had the money I'd buy a Koenigsegg or a Hennessey just because I love the way they look. Damn if I don't love a sexy car.

Jay Dee says:

This dude is a uber dork!

Marshall Lyons says:

he'd shit his pants if he knew the numbers they were running in the texas mile. super cars even hyper cars mean nothing there.

IMayHaveNukes says:

Tap speed 0:13

hertzer2000 says:

His glasses says, "I ride a bicycle."

Solsist __ says:

Why make a car this fast?

Why the fuck not.

Solsist __ says:

"Only 270" bruh its fucking 270 mph

Deathbrewer says:

It's just for the super rich to brag to their other super rich friends that their car technically has a higher top speed than their friend's other super expensive car. It's just a pissing contest for people who will never get to use the car at max (most likely, unless they take it out to the Bonneville Salt Flats or something…) But yea, it's just for stroking your peen a little bit. "My Ferrari goes 240mph!" "Oh well that's nothing, my Hennessy can do 290mph!" That's all the purpose of it comes down to: a pissing contest for the super rich to feel a little bit less insecure next to their other super rich friends. And let's face it, if you need to do that to feel better, you DO have some insecurities or "small penis syndrome" going on somewhere…

Abdelhakim Ejjair says:

it not hennessey venom F5 you keep talking about vonom GT i havent seen F5 yet and it 2017

Varun Tomer says:

anything is posible you dont know in future maybe highway build in way to reach speed limit up to 250 or 300

Arek A says:

Its all about limits, technology dude. F. money, and who is better. its human nature to take beoynd limits. Its obvious for all. Stupid video.

Young Zeil says:

I would take it to the limit

Andrew Gordon says:


krankensteinrocks says:


SNRG Instinzx says:

wait until the next koenigsegg one 1 comes

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