Here Is The NEW Aston Martin Vanquish Vision Concept! First Look

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Here is the Aston Martin Vanquish Vision Concept – a look at the 4th mid-engined supercar to be announced by Aston Martin and the last of the 4 mid engined cars to be produced. Positioned as Aston’s entry level mid-engined supercar the Vanquish name is reborn in the form of a V6 hybrid supercar that will be rear wheel drive and designed to directly attack the likes of McLaren, Lamborghini and Ferrari in a space they have been dominant in for so long. The new Vanquish isn’t expected to hit the road until 2022 so we have a while to wait before we see the first iteration of this exciting new addition to the Aston Martin product range.






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teoria20 Teor says:

Aston like Vanquish and Vantage Will rest in history books… sad

teoria20 Teor says:

Its not a Vanquish. Maybe another super McLaren copy. Nice McLaren copy.

Rick says:

If Murcialago and Mclaren had a baby

Paulus GZB says:

Stunning beautiful Aston!

Lethal - strike says:


Q&Asia TV says:

Ferrari is seriously being left behind by Aston/Lotus/McLaren

Saul Espino says:

looks like it has a cow lick

Social Outcast says:

Nice McLaren

ann cam says:

They create concept but they will never sell this to the public, i dnt know why aston or other car companys. Please make this in reality and sell this because i will take one of this with blue color.

KatatonicGoat says:

what's all about those slow-mo of the land whale ?

S_TV_KW خلك ذكي says:

720 maclaren 🤣🤣🤣

ChromeDove says:

Be like Dave? Dave is a

Charles Wallace says:

Ashton Martin wins

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