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Here’s Why the 2018 Jeep Wrangler Is Much Better Than the Old One

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The 2018 Jeep Wrangler is totally redesigned — even though it looks mostly the same. Today I’m reviewing the new Wrangler to show you why the 2018 Wrangler is the best Jeep Wrangler yet.

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Dennis Frenk says:

So which trim is this red wrangler?!

Craig Tucker says:

I *post*, a comment.

Rick C says:

You can't have an "entire" plethora. That's not how this works, lol.

Rick C says:

Someone should tell Jeep that they could've just put their blind spot monitors on their side mirrors like the rest of the civilized world; then they could've kept the taillights comfortably tucked.

Jason Browning says:

The ridiculous sandle easter eggs prints on the plastic by the windshield = enough for me to hate it.. But heres a little more… Spare tire too low /aftermarket bumpers fitting a swing out carrier for larger tires is gonna be a tricky endeavour. Proximety sensors in the taillights, expensive when you bust them on trails, same with turn signals in fenders. Vw microbus style rag top will leak when snow is piled on it. Progression to more electeonics lenda to more failure.. The rubi guys have learned that with that gay electeonic sway disconnect. Now the front drive shaft disconnects as well to save that 1 mpg? They should have kept the commander for this market and created a lighter, hemi powered wrangler with lockers and full width axles

Wayne Dinkins says:

The new Jeep wrangler to me looks Hummer sh in the front, Hummer do look nice in the front but the rest of it is fugley still nice Jeep! wrangler 2018 hope i can get one i be like with the top down yelling out the top of my lungs..


Awsm description ???

Nataly Echeverria says:

please remove this video, or give this guy a KIA SANTA FE to rate. OH MY GOD!!!!

RDW Media says:

Yes lets spend $41k on a Sport S JL when with a 3.6l engine…or we can spend $32k on a JK Sport S with the same engine.

Michael Utley says:

Very Cool but i'm glad they kept the JK as an option.

Tim Swinson says:

Baby G Wagon you can afford with million accessories you can add on it

Colin W says:

How tall are you? What was the leg space like driving?

jghjghjghish says:

this thing is awfully ugly

sam lindberg says:

I have a lifted TJ as my every day driver. I love my jeep. It is inconvenient though. This new wrangler looks amazing. It's like so many other nice SUV's on the market without departing from it's origin.

Arend Huisken says:

Good and very informative video. Could have done without the JK bashing. I did not think the bashing was accurate nor necessary. It truly seems like the JL engineers listened to JK users for the upgrades.

Sand Hill says:

Yeah, a $51,000 Jeep in a Forest. Negger you are creazy. Junk!!!!

Allen A says:

what a fucking shit car

whatfreedom7 says:

They even painted the diff lock red! Hang guys initiating mall crawler mode.

Jonathan Parker says:

Wait…what is the point of a folding windshield on a Jeep if that thick A pillar stays fixed in place anyway?

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