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Here’s Why the Jeep Wrangler Pickup Truck Is Awesome

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Jeep says it will soon make a pickup version of the Wrangler SUV. So I rented a Jeep Wrangler pickup truck to find out if it’s going to be any good.

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Mario A. G says:

Doug is the type of guy to look like made of dough

HHT 600 says:

you funny man!

Tai Shane says:

This is the first vid I seen from u.

mimimememimi says:

@Doug Demuro you filmed this at my old high school @peninsula High School

Noah Arena's third channel says:

Just get the jeep scrambler

Showtime_Kick123 says:

If jeep made the Wrangler truck look like this with a longer bed it wud look pretty great

tripp miller says:

This guy doesn’t know that you can put some 35 mud graps and a 6 inch lift on any truck and it’s better at off roading than Jeep

pancudowny says:

Other peoples trash in the bed. Oh, how that pissed me off when I hung-out at the local Taco Bell/cruise scene… Especially the night I took my Ramcharger up there, with the top off!?

Doug Copson says:

Obvoiously this guy is a moron.

Joshua Wolf says:

I wish you made more videos like this. Don’t let your sense of humor die

Richard says:

This thing has macho man, alpha male douchebag written all over it.

Casey Edwards says:

Baha the hammer!

Firion Razar says:

not having both pick-up and off-road capabilitys? Didn't Doug drive a Hilux?

Thomas Ford says:

OR …..you could just get a 4 door Jeep and take out the back seat.

Robby jones says:

I went to rubitrux yesterday

Mark Henry says:

I've been driving Jeeps for 35 years. Most of them Cherokees of one model or the other in order to have a secure area to store my photo gear and sleep. That said my CJ-7 was a 'Pickup truck'. I tore the rear seat out. Did not cost me an additional wad of cash to do it. As far as the passenger wanting the top on? Didn't have anything but a bikini top anyway and, since it's my Jeep she could take her top off and we'd both be happy.

Solid Death says:

A guy set a bush on fire at applebee's

Cool Car Hq says:

STOP WEARING TWO T-SHIRTS DOUG!! Not that I hate your videos or you, but you should seriously stop wearing 2 t-shirts. ?

I, IJCOBRA says:

This was one of your funnier videos. Don’t let the haters get you down.

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