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Honda CR-Z GT HYBRID 1.5 Review: Inside Lane

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Hybrids may be doing a lot in terms of saving the environment but they do very little for people who enjoy driving. Honda’s CR-Z tackles this with with a high revving 1.5 litre i-VTEC engine as well as a set of batteries. Can this sporty 2+2 offer the excitement on the road that is absent in its eco stablemates?

Car tested: Honda CR-Z GT £20,080
Full Review: http://insidelane.co.uk/honda-cr-z-gt/

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Jay Basilio says:

What year is this

you're cool too says:

anyone else notice the eye brow?

Taylor B says:

Amazing review! Thank you! I am considering the 6 speed Honda CRZ as my first car. It seems like a great choice and because it is a hybrid, insurance is not to bad for a fun to drive car. What do you think?

Inside Lane says:

Thanks for the feedback guys and girls. We are working to improve upon sound quality. Incase any of you are interested, we are testing the 2013 Honda CR-Z next week and a video review will shortly follow.

pioneer7777777 says:

Good review, one piece of advice would be to get the reviewer a dedicated microphone. Other than that, I like it a lot!

Inside Lane says:

Thanks for your comments! We shall be road testing the 2013 Honda CR-Z in January.

Inside Lane says:

Thanks Snoopy c. We have been trying to get hold of a GT86 for weeks but their popularity amongst journalists is making things difficult. Hopefully we shall get one soon and make a video with it.

Jimmy Joji says:

Good review. BTW in Japan, they've recently unveiled a facelifted CR-Z. Apparently it does better MPG and adds more bhp thanks to its revvier VTEC engine (up from 6300rpm-6800rpm). Maybe they've panicked a bit when they saw the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZs. Speaking of which, do you guys plan to review those cars?

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