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Honda CR-Z Hybrid Coupe Test

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http://www.stuff.tv is where all the cool kids go to get their daily gadget fix. Jools takes Honda’s new CR-Z for a test drive to see if its Hybrid tech results in a sports car that can save the planet.Subscribe now: http://smarturl.it/StuffTV

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sicwhitt says:

Thumbs up for giving some respect to the CRX and I own both 16-CRZ & 90 CRX

HueTubeR says:

Because Europeans think they're cool.

HueTubeR says:

I loved this car! Until I test drove the Fiat Abarth, that is. No contest.

I don't appreciate Honda holding out on not giving us an optional moonroof in the U.S. unlike the European counterparts. I boycott you!

DisneyVideoDude says:

just bought one and I love it! This is the best of both worlds. You get excellent handling and better than average fuel economy.

Vision2020 Films says:

@sasaltthefries in America…… overseas it has a back seat

patwickgriff says:

How did the CRZ become the CRZed?

Kit Fok says:

My hybrid badge on the back of my Civic Si makes me feel better when i drive it around town.

FredTheMagicUnicorn says:

@sasaltthefries in Europe and Japan the cargo area is replaced by fold down seats

Michael C says:

How tall are you im 6'3

karl.ev says:

"…if I was a backseat passenger, I'd be in all kinds of trouble."

Yeah, you'd be sitting in the cargo area.

pcfxer says:

@lfshannu Actually its more like Fifth Gear. Boring voice overs, not enough information and nothing bad spoken about the car.

123myballsitch says:

my balls itch

Dio Mencia says:

this car would of bin the best its it came with a k20 n biger wheels but i guess it still is the civics baby sister

xeno4ever13 says:

I like the Front end but i will stick with my 06 Si

xeno4ever13 says:

@YOURMOMSMOMSDADSMOM here in vegas, almost test drove it yesterday. but didnt even bother when i saw that there were no back seats.. my mom would kill me lol 🙂

xanadakilla says:

wait so the crz does have backseats??

tom11zz884 says:

@esca8652 The Honda looks way better and will have better resale value than the dull looking Corolla

AshtonPhoto says:

Wait. Why are we being so nice here??! Because it's a Honda?
The Civic VX got 56 mpg (US) back in 1995, with a standard engine.
Here we are FIFTEEN YEARS later and this is the best they could come up with??

All English speaking people pronounce it 'zed'. Except you guys. 😉

consumedbyfire13 says:

@zoneracer The CRX HF got 57 HWY too!

consumedbyfire13 says:

@AshtonPhoto The Corolla probably handles better too.

AshtonPhoto says:

With a 0-60 time of 10 seconds, just how 'naughty' can you really get?
A Corolla does it in 9.

adonian says:

Wow the US version loses 11 mpg, don't have a sunroof or cool LED's in the headlights, what the h? US is so corrupt with the gas companies running the place… The original Insight hit 66 mpg. I like the CRZ, but come on 45 mpg highway, I get that in my Del Sol S!

Dau says:

It's American-supremacists like you that give the rest of the country a bad name. Learn to not be ignorant and be more accepting of things that are different from your own life. Before you flap your gums, learn your facts. Canada's an independent country. You can go pay $40,000 for a pace maker when your Mcdonalds clogged arteries take a toll on you; I'll be here in my igloo sipping a cup of Tim Hortons while watching the hockey game. I'm being sarcastic, by the way.

USAon3 says:

My country trumps that socialist, worthless ice slab you call a country, pisslfap.

Try going to France next time you need surgery in a hurry – don't dirty US soil. You're half Frogs anyway, and still British subjects. Always inferior to the US, no matter how clean your frozen cities are.

Dau says:


different pronunciation in different countries, dipshit

USAon3 says:

Introducing the hot hatch that couldn't.

0-60 in 9.9? puh-yuke. The Ford Focus could roast this "sporty" car.

I suppose it'd be alright for the fog-breathers, being that they don't know what performance is, and to them, "sporty" means no back seat, no matter how much of a sled the car is.

And for the love of GOD, it's ZEE – not "zed". Letters shouldn't have cutesy nicknames.

Cameron Buerger says:

@hitlerinspace did you even watch the fucking review? 56.4 mpg combined.. that seems pretty good to me. and its a sport hybrid if you want a real sports car from honda buy an nsx or an s2k. this is an all around good car and some people just dont realize that.

Blue-eyed Fox says:

At least the top speed is respectable.

GBraidi78 says:

How come Europe gets the push start button and we don't here in USA that's weird here you use the key to start and stop the engine on the CR-Z. Nice car though!

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