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Honda CR-Z Hybrid first review – What Car?

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Read the What Car? Honda CR-Z review http://bit.ly/A1PSWf

The Honda CR-Z looks stunning inside and out, it’s fun to drive, and every version is well equipped. The hybrid system works smoothly, gives good performance and keeps running costs low.

There’s a lot of road noise at high speed and the rear seats are useless. CO2 emissions aren’t as low as in some diesel-engined rivals.

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Rhys Tomlin says:

Im 18 and this cars insurance is going to cost me nearly £450 less than my 2010 ford fiesta for a year. Hence why I have just gone out and brought one.

TheEGGtech says:

hahaha nice choice man 🙂 i have one too!

tugaelf says:

@Acemification im from portugal and i got the 4 seats version

sobekflakmonkey says:

I like this car mainly because it looks futuristic, kinda want one, it would be cool.

bernard ellis says:

hey prelude you're a uneducated moron dork

PL3690 says:

That car is the definition of a hybrid you would actually want to drive-

PreludeLJW says:

The host of this show is a complete dork.

youraveragemat says:

CRZ got its origin name from the old CRX. which is actually a brother to the old civic. im guessing C stands for civic. R= racing. X was for extreme.. now Z is just a name for a new CRX. Just like the big CRV.

Supercars226 says:

@industricon2 ………….. ok?

Tarek From Kyoto says:

@MillerTime1209 Infact, this car it's "Sporty" 😀

nRGY Music says:

@melmar07 ZED is how they pronounce Z (zee) in the UK.

MillerTime1209 says:

How does Honda call that sport if it doesn't have a rev limit of 9000?!?

brinbois says:

@russiaviation the getrag gearbox on the supra is german and in my opinion one of the best trannys outthere stockwise. just saying 🙂

CDNChaoZ says:

The UK gets rear seats too? Wish we had those in Canada. It really should be a 2+2.

jojo0827 says:

People in the states pronounce it zee because it follows common logic… like Bee Cee Dee Eee Gee.. Pee (LOL… im so immature)..Tee… Vee… not… Bed.. Ced… Ded… Ed.. Ged PEd Ted or Ved… so thats that… but it does sound cooler when you say ZED aha

yunova says:

@noincher there is no " proper way to say it you say tamatto we say tomato :~P

Estevan Hetherington says:

just cause its a 2 door doesn't make it a sports car lol honda. if the price was around $15k i'd love it, but for $21k, i hate it. major flop for honda, bad HP, bad MPG, bad price.


When it comes to manual gearbox, nobody can built in better than the Japanese, and I meant NOBODY. Honda's manual gearbox is a God sent. Even though today we have E-gear as it should be. But the "Old school" stick will always be so fun to drive, and especially if you were driving a Honda with a stick! INDEED!

Simba TheGreat says:

@noincher because thats the right way! ZEE even ppl in japan and any asian country pronounce it ZEE. How can Zed possibly be the right way to pronounce Z!?

Ah K says:

Zed is the proper way…
only the people in the states pronounce it Zee

Simba TheGreat says:

im getting pissed at this whole Z letter being pronounced as fucking Zed

Mike Wach says:

this could use subtitles or something i can barely hear this guy

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