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Honda CR-Z Mugen Hybrid v Ariel Atom Mugen – Auto Express

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Full review: http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/videos/videoreviews/269185/mugen_vs_mugen_review.html#ixzz1QBbY7ovl

Mugen is a company that doesn’t do things by half — and lately Honda’s tuning arm has been extremely busy.

The world’s most skeletal car, the Ariel Atom has been given a power boost without the need for a supercharger. The result is a 270bhp output from its 2.0-litre Honda-sourced engine that makes it just about the fastest thing on four wheels. Alongside the Atom Mugen we drove the CR-Z Mugen — currently a one-off tuned version of the hybrid coupe.

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joshua galvan says:

6 yrs later 1.5 liter civics

pro Elf says:

idiot u have helmet in classic car but in f1 mugen havent ? little bit stupid or not ? 😀

Olga Lutscher says:


Viranjith Tilakaratne says:

race tracks mandate helmets. This gent does not seem to know how popular Mugen is…interesting. Also I thought Mugen was based out of Japan. Am I wrong? 

Scott Brixey says:

I love these crz's I think they are so sexy

A Popov says:

No helmet in Ariel, wears helmet in Honda… Facepalm.

portmorejamaica1 says:

Fuck you cocksucker! Everybody knows about mugen!

Anthony says:

why the fuck didn't you take the atom on the track?

@omii_b says:

fourty mpg or 14 mpg (cr-z)

hunghuge12 says:

I don't agree. The civic type-R could have still passed eu emissions with the addition of hybrid tech. That means we could still buy it and have fun in it. As it is we can't because Honda decided not to hybrid it. If we have to have more power and better fuel consumption – which hybrids provide – then I'm good with that.

Xavier Oquendo says:

What year is the Honda CR-Z Mugen shown?

bassicuk1986 says:

More VTEC and less hybrid please Honda-san 😉

Frost Bite says:

0:53 – 0:56 Driver with helmet.
0:57 – 1:19 Looks like you're going 35 mph.
1:20 Looks a little sped up through the corner.

Mudassir-ifi says:

i couldnt find Vs did ny 1 else???

claes77 says:

I would like a windscreen not to go blind from a bumblebee,

Asad Jaleel says:

Never herd of a car company named Honder…

Frankie G says:

wdf who wants a fwd pos…

Trevor Chan 陳德正 says:

SAIC Honda Acura

ElZamo92 says:

Or a couple of turbos…

TFiPW says:

That Mugen Atom is naturally aspirated. Imagine if they bolted on a supercharger.

rendertheworld says:

thumbs up if you're a fucking attention whore posting useless comments for imaginary internet points!

dilawer321 says:

LOOOL what half sane person has 400bhp in a crz? Maybe in america where its all power power power but in europe and japan we like a balanced car, and anyway that defeats the whole point of buying a fast honda why not just go out and buy a golf r, megane 265 cup, leon cupra r ETC, and honda still do make vtec cars they can easily choose to develop a new high powered n/a car

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