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Honda TRX450r vs. Ford Mustang Race

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Honda TRX 450r vs. Ford Mustang Race. Honda built by Oregon Coast Powersports in Winchester Bay, Oregon.

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alanjrkaminski says:

You ruined a perfectly good video with the song and that was a Mustang that was a pretending piece of shit

R Curtis says:

This MUSTANG SUCKS and I normally love them…. Dude on 4 wheeler is a knob who only stays in throttle if hes winning and song is shit

Corey M says:

Lmao it dont even got be a civic and a ford still Bites the Dust Lmfao

Ashley Weeks says:

Mustang got fucking drug!!!

Ryan A says:

Good video except for the music

NoStress90s says:

ppl think this is impressive, its not. the quad has  power to weight ratio, the car will take it in a quarter mile anyway

Jordan Hill says:

Who here thought this would have even been a challenge?

2T says:

ugly ass mustang

Dan Man says:

That p.o.s. ford better check itself before it wrecks itself lol

Tim M says:

Fool doesn't know when to give up.

Braeden Kelley says:

awsome bike I have a honda 450

PunkAss17331 says:

I don't know why this is surprising to anyone, especially racing such a short distance…I used to do 200' ATV dirt drags and when I first got the 660 raptor I had at the time it was bone stock and still did 0-60 in about 4.2 seconds, slightly quicker than most Dodge vipers…Its weight to horsepower ratios aren't even comparable and if that 450 is now a 500 , I highly doubt they just did a big bore kit and didn't go higher compression and a port job…

yudruln8 says:

wow a rusting on street tires on a wet road lol never had a chance its a bike

sh4branze says:

Basic physics.Weight/HP ratio. Most motorcycles can beat most cars.

Relixio says:

Oh shit I know that place…. You did a burn out infront of my ranch

Kyle Thompson says:

Why are 90% of the people in these comments literally fucking autistic.

Jordan Jacobs says:

what year is the Honda? top speed?

jerry lawton says:

chevy is a poor mans hot rod and don't hold together. ford or mopar is the way to go sorry for you poor guys

jerry lawton says:

that is why 5.blows suck my 4.6 would smoke it lol

kyle turnwald says:

Mustangs are crap…

Jeffrey Williams says:

all I'll say is power to weight ratio is what did it for the 4 wheeler

RAMZI Jawad says:

I am driving

RAMZI Jawad says:

I am driving

Josh Gower says:

i rode a trx 450r when i was 6

Tre4 Tv Tre4 Tv says:

a cr 80 would beat that car to 50 miles mph….

Kyle Sloss says:

we can all tell the quad is built. and 302's ain't shit get a 289 hypo you wouldn't stand a chance

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