Hot Wheels Lamborghini Aventador 10 Pack *Custom*

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Karmaine Bocaya says:

I need Lamborgihini black

Imaad Akoodie131 says:

Lamborghini huracan performante spyder the best thing you can find in

Nisha Limbachiya says:

What is the lamborghini aventador toy car blue piece

Mr Turkey says:

I have that blue Lamborghini and the black

Daan Van wijk says:

I dont have a lambohini aventedor

Justin Hsieh says:

Music: Vexento We Are One

NaXiz Deadlock Gaming says:

Didnt know there was a blue one of the red lamborghini i bought

may mdrt says:

I like this black Lamborghini

Tahsin plays YT says:

Stupid youtuber, doesn't wanna talk to any south Asian Muslim youtubers like me, Only replying his country people subscriber, yeah yeah tries TO COPYING CARS YT!

Red Flowers says:

Wow wonderful😄😄😄

Mithel Chakma says:

Snap a million times glue house is filled with a lot of those lambos

Exstordenary Joshua says:

Dude, SO DOPE, where did u get this?

Shieric Faulve says:

Nice car that was so cool

OCE_Edge says:

I will buy this for 200 dollars

Zephyrus Gamer says:

I still don,t have aventador I only have the Lamborghini super trofail race car huracan yellow

Cptn. Wolfe says:

Fake set. No sets can have this many Lambos

Gustavo Alberto Mercado garibay says:

Oohhhhh meeeen this pack is pure gold

PedalToTheFloor says:

I need a Huracán! I’d love it in green or yellow.

Ankita Shinde says:

Best pack Phil 😃😃😃😜😝

Ravi Pajai says:

I have 3 lambo 1 aventador1 huracan 1 reventon

ROBLOX Player says:

How do I get these?

Fatihselim Özçelik says:

Forza horizon 3 please

Garage of The Engines says:

Awesome. I have only the black one and homage.

Kaiden Obrien11 says:

What is this are u minding me I heading to Walmart nowi need these Lamborghini avantador s so bad also just hit 74 hot wheels my newest car is the McLaren F1 GTR Gulf culture in love with it got 2

Oliver's World Of Wheels says:

Awesome! That is incredible! I love those cars! Love the video like always!

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