How Did I Afford Both My Ford GT and Senna?

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The Ford GT and McLaren Senna arrived in the garage in a bit of a blur, but how did this all happen? Let’s talk about car financing and how I’ve bought the cars that you see now in my garage. It’s also a very exciting time to announce Shmee150 Finance powered by Harrington Finance that’s here to support others following similar paths to myself.

It’s without any question that adding both of these to the garage at the same time was a marked step up from the previous members of the garage and it’s also no doubt that the timing was something of big consideration for me. This is where I met Alex Read, founder of Harrington Finance, and we started discussing the possibilities and options that would be available to me. As you know from how it has resulted, everything came together in a manageable way that’s bespoke to my financial situation and with Alex we can explain a little of how that all worked. We are then developing this further with the launch of Shmee150 Finance powered by Harrington Finance.

The topic of “how did you afford these cars” is one of the most frequent so we wanted to be open and honest with a detailed explanation of how it all works. The important thing to remember is that beyond the Shmee150 YouTube channel where you see the videos, it has also become a business carrying out all sorts of tasks behind the scenes with a team of people involved.

If you’d like to find out more about Shmee150 Finance, please see the dedicated page here:

Thanks also to Alex for joining for the day with his stunning 600LT, you can follow him directly at

Thanks for watching, Tim