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How do you build a TVR?

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Check out this time lapse of the stunning 480bhp TVR Griffith being put together. #gwsupercars

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tomas cenek says:

Hnus.. Nuda..

Petr says:

absolutne o hovne video… lidi jak sra*ek a auto porad stejne nedodelany

Amraj Amraj says:

I don't understand, it wasn't built

Leslie Reissner says:

This must be construction of the prototype. I can't imagine regular production procedures could be so inefficient.

Jack Albrecht says:

I'm a car guy who runs a small software and consulting company for about 25 years. I understand why TVRs are so expensive now. How we make software has changed a lot in 25 years. The TVR car building process looks very inefficient. The amount of rework is so significant, there were times when it looked like the video was on a loop. Beautiful result, but a lot of room for improvement IMHO.

dtofq says:

Cool but…needs to be zoomed in more next time!

Carlos Gallego Rodríguez says:

This might sound stupid, but why there are so many parts (such as the engine, doors and many other panels) that were fitted and then removed and then fitted again?

Daathaan says:

The abridged version of How to Build a TVR: Insanity, rubles and vodka.

Alan Bowers says:

Very interesting exhaust routing! Would have liked to see it being completed and rolled out though.

Dave Lowery says:

if its not on fire and smells of glue it not a proper TVR 😛

Zombie George says:

How many times do they test fit?

FastballFilms #TMGFilms says:

I spy a coyote valve cover and intake manifold

Allen Saunders says:

This time around tvr knows they need top engineering and build quality it's a whole new company in a whole new world

Bobby Bass says:

Traditionally, very badly.. Lets hope this time they get it right..

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