How is a Formula One Car Born?

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A project 16 months in the making. The journey from first concept to first laps. Technical Director James Allison talks through how our latest Formula One challenger, the W10, was born…


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Matt Tarrant says:

How to build a car by Racing point: Copy Mercedes

Joseph M K says:

James Allison looks a bit like Jamie Vardy

Blitz Apex says:

Ferrari if you're watching, take some notes

james pisano says:

Awesome sauce.

Adrian Lilholm says:

Racing point: write that down

Peter Cavellini says:

The only way this car , team will be beaten is….by banning it!, they did that to Lotus with the type 88.

Twig 46 says:

and crash at turn one, race over

Kelvin thomas says:

Racing point: write that down!!!

Siyamukelo Cebekhulu says:

Why do the drivers get a significantly large pay wage as opposed to the engineers.

jimerick1 says:

I like this guy, look at his face when he talks about the car. Just smiles

Maruf Hasan says:

Before a Mercedes fan I was a Hamilton fan. I never thought a team that wasn't up to the mark at that time considering Red Bull and McLaren and even Williams but the sheer passion and love for this sport and always excel in advancing the sports has made This team a dream come true. What a brilliant job you guys have done. Even after Lewis retires I'll be forever a Mercedes fan♥️♥️.

Cristhian says:

Maybe people at ferrari can take a look a this video…

Willie McKinney says:

For everything this young man has explained, is why I stopped saying I'm tired of Hamilton winning and saying " I'm tired of Mercedes winning" but, if you were a part of the Mercedes team, would you slow down, tell you're drivers " Hell, let somebody else win."
No, you would be the best you could be, to " best yourself" and if the other team would rather whine, about" They got the best car" and " I'd win too, if I had that car!" Not, necessarily, from Wolfe, down to the pit crew they got something special going on that it seems like the other teams think that's to much, to figure out. No, the blame games a much easier route. It just a thought, have a great day.

David Chen says:

Unless it's Tracing Point…then you just copy the whole design

davemis40 says:

Well that depends .. at Tracing Point an F1 car is born from a photo of a Silver Arrow

Ethan Vailasi says:

After watching this video, That is what makes the Mercedes F1 unbeatable and unstoppable in everyway because the hardwork that goes into these majestic machines is just unbelievable. Keep up the great work team.

Alex Fokas says:

Listen to the passion of that man.
You simply cannot fail when you do something with so much passion and care. Even if the outcome is not the best you will do your best to make it better.

Andrew Marr says:

OMG there was a white male there! Not one black person to be seen so you are RACIST and sexist. Of course it MUST be your fault, it couldn't be a wider action of society (women too), painting engineering jobs as "male" or creating any kind of bias…I mean what would terribly victimized folk do if they couldn't blame their failure to do maths on a white patriarchy????

Some of the best engineers I have known are women, and regardless of colour I have not seen anyone be denied a job based on their skin or cultural background. This idiocy needs to stop before every advance we have made in the West is destroyed. The accident of birth leads to all our traits: our skills, skin, and brain. True equality comes from a blindness to everything but skill…

jeff wigand says:

What a guy! A fine fine man!

Lucas Lucas says:

Yes but they just drive in circles

chaitanya kumar says:

Racing point took notes from here

Matthew Barnes-webb says:

i see racing point got use of this video

ⵉⵜⵔⵓⵏⴰⵓⵜ says:

I love how they just casually show 4 Matsuura machines in their shop, those things are worth their weight in platinum.

Alexis Mandelias says:

Imagine supporting the driver after all this work done from the team

Akash Yadav says:

James Allison sir should be the one to narrate how the Earth was rehabilitated after this current pandemic. Most of the world problems will end then and there. I vote for James A to be Earth representative if we meet aliens.

Satya Anandakrishnan says:

Racing Point is spectating…

troman5000 says:

Don't blame the car…blame the people who build the car!!!

heathen_fxdb says:

James Allison’s passion for these machines is why I’m a Mercedes fan. Couldn’t care less about Lewis or Valterri, hell Schumi was my all time favorite and I didn’t care much for M-AMGF1 in those years. But when we started getting to hear the joy and excitement that James has for these cars and this sport, it made me realize that the Italians with the red cars aren’t the only ones passionate about their machines.

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