How Its Made Dream Cars s02e02 Pagani Huayra 720p

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How Its Made Dream Cars S02E02 Pagani Huayra 720p

Car factories and test labs are visited in this documentary series, which explores how luxury vehicles are built.


Avneet Singh says:

No wonders these cars cost millions

Nazmi Amzar says:

Who the original make this video?

Sweetheart Taric says:

Im gonna need names on these background songs

Jyothi Srinivas says:

Bro how f1 benzs car was made

A. Wolfgang says:

17:55 that beat drop doe

LoL XD says:

Pagani Huayra

Engine made by AMG
Exhaust made by MHG
Brakes made by Brembo
Tires made by Firelli

VicariousReality7 says:

11:04 But he is not monitoring toxic gases or particulates. No. He is monitoring how much of the gas of life the engine produces.

Elvis Ramicevic says:

one ugly things on pagani are those wheels

Juan Morales says:

American car from Argentina

Gaurav kumar says:

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LoL XD says:

Pagani Cars in a nutshell:

IT's aLL aBoUt DeTaiLs DaRLiNg

autist memer says:

My dream car

Виталий Товма says:

Кенигсег круче!!!!!!!!!

Rishaldy Prisly says:

Thanks For This Tutorial

Ed 195413 says:

What is the purpose of this really bad music. result….I don't watch it till only for two minutes

Fred Montier says:

Any dent will cost you a House tag !

MrTomko120 says:

Temperatura 556 C i chyba tajemnice szlak trafił hahaha

Eugenio García Chinchilla says:

Minute 20:12 I really don't understand how the director of this video put such a jewel against a background of garbage. This is an awful image.

地雷原MMD says:


ALI علي says:

السودة الصراحة تحفة صاغها الرحمن من احلى التحف هذ في الدنيا غضيه ما تحملها ملف

mrinmoy biswas says:

tesla will eat them like a piece of cake,

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