How Koenigsegg nearly used a Subaru F1 engine in its supercars

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Koenigsegg has been using a thunderous twin turbocharged V8 in its supercars for many years now, putting them first on the production car top speed list with the Agera RS. Hop back to the fledgling years of the company back in the 1990s and you’ll find that Christian von Koenigsegg’s creations weren’t always powered by a 1000bhp+ V8, and instead nearly stole an engine from the world of F1, from Subaru of all people. Let Mike explain…

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Mike DriveTribe says:

Who's up for a petition to get Koenigsegg to remake a one-off 12-cylinder special..?

Kevin Somosot says:

Let's just wait for Koenigsegg to borrow Mazda's engines and use it in one of his cars…

One of his cars were a Mazda too!

Michael Hite says:

Sad they used the Ford Triton. Much cooler engines out there.

Danny López Calderón says:

Amazing, two of my favorite car brands near working together.

Godfrey Chipo mukonde says:

wat about a car review on the Koenigsegg brands

Samael Bzdok says:

If it was an Audi engine though it would have been really amazing

Ethan Carroll says:

The bald bloke looked like Michael van gerwen

Cassius Bentley says:

🏁🏁🏁I recommend that you look through to the end🏎️🏎️🏎️
1:19 💞💖💟
👇 👇 👇💛

Guillaume Brasseur says:

Bricklin SV-1 check it out 🙂

Salman Azam says:

Starting the video with a bit of that SWEET subtle engine whine and low-key roar was a WONDERFUL idea…..

Gringo Macho says:

engine was a disaster because it's made in Italy

octane says:

if was an 8-10 boxer, it would work just fine, shorter block leaving more space in the back for the ground effects

Phantom Echelon says:

Would love to know more about the history of that most ridiculous of supercars…the Lamborghini Countach.

MOTOR HAWK car n truck enthusiast says:

Mr Koenigsegg,are you there,please ,can you fulfil our dreams !

Subee Squad says:

Many are making 1000whp on a 4cyl Subaru engine, maybe they should try that?

dn ǝpᴉsuʍop says:

"Aren't we lucky to live in a world where a company like Koenigsegg exists"

Christian: (Drops a tear)

LH Power says:

So what is the Base Engine ?

Skibility ! says:

Imagine having to due headgaskets on your million dollar hypercar that has 12 cylinders instead of four. Yikes

Dali Garwinder Lama says:

Suburu has a F1 engine lmao?

Fd Schuler says:

my god this is boring..

ElZamo92 says:

Koenigsegg > Bugatti

no i am gunner says:

And then can Tesla plaid

mappyhappychappy says:

Carlo Chiti was the kiss of death for any F1 program. ATS, Alfa Romeo, Motori Moderni, Subaru…. It's a good thing Koenigsegg decided to drop the boxer.

Dani says:

Woooww look at that perfectly straight acceleration at the start of the video. Thats quality.. I drove a Vectra the other day which would have been up side down in a ditch after 30 meters if I hadn't hold the steering wheel with both hands..

The King says:

Sick story. Great narrating.

How crazy is it that Swedens greatest creation ever once sort of relied on a ridiculous engine. An engine that was created in a laughable form factor because of some stupid corporate decision about how a boxer engine was supposed to be like.

As a Swede myself that love all V8 engines and especially the one that they went with I’m almost in shock! 😲🤔

Serveck says:

Somewhere, there still exists a subaru eg33 flat 6 from the SVX alcyone that is capable of 1,400hp. And managed a 7.7s in the quarter. With some modern wizardry, i still believe that flat 12 is capable of a lot more than 750hp

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