How much power does a Koenigsegg really make?

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World’s first Dyno Run on a Koenigsegg CCX… Enjoy !

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Royalty Exotic Cars says:

Which Dyno Run was your favorite ? CCX or Bugatti ?!

ironbull2003 says:

650 + 20% = 812.5 😁

Skyler Davis says:

653 horsepower

Mohena Krishna says:

I like bugatti veyron and koenisgge mclaren sypder 918 pagani aventador 488 spyder

Alex Senna Rosado says:

Ahhh sounds nostalgic

Aleksandar Grujic says:

I hope you used real gas and not that american standard stuff which is more water than gasoline. 102 octane should be the minimum.

Ebin Davis says:

Bro are you sick

Clifton Young says:

You should dyno a Lamborghini veneno roadster

Hxllywood Tat says:

653hpe to the wheel mann the c7 zo6/zr1 could beat that if it didn’t have any limiters to hold it back

Seth Yankosky says:

Dude nobody wants to hear you yapping

Solvit Engineering says:

Hectic, 650 WHP, very nice, WHP is all that counts! (And traction lol)

John Ronee says:

Is this the car that savage garage bought?

Munieb Vermeulen says:

I would love to watch a full video but he talks wayyyy too much and it makes me cringe

Johan S says:

Have to say that koenigsegg is one of the most impressive and interesting var manufacturers, they are a ”small” manufacturer from a small country that brought you the Volvo 240 and Ikea lol. But the make like 98 procent of all the stuff in the car themself and have superdurable 9 speed gearboxes wirth 7 clutches that weight like 200 pounds and 650 horsepower 3 cylindermotors in familysedans with 2 Doors that are more easy to get into then 4 door sedans . Who else Would make a car like that bearnaise koenigsegg ?! They are so innovative its crazy . We in Sweden are def proud over our ghost squad cars.

will borio says:

I'm so impressed with these bone stock multi million dollar cars sounding good and making good power. What the hell would you expect? For 100k you can buy a z06 put some work into it and blow these dyno numbers away. When the c8 zr1 comes put its going to kill these cars and be about 180k

ABOlsen80X says:

I do believe that Koenigsegg outfitted the CCX with a slightly different engine mapping for the US, due to a lack of quality fuel in states such as California.

Shane Johnson says:

Do a full dyno run and you’ll make the rated hp. Quit letting off early. You let off at 7k and the car gets the most boost from 6600rpm to 8k. Quit pussing out and you can get more. Good video tho

Jay75Euro says:

Doesn’t this car have an ///AMG Engine ?

Noel Velázquez says:

Just do everything Koenigsegg

Brandon Sipe says:

So, what happened to the exhaust only Bugatti dyno video?

Lachlan Keevers says:

stop walking and moving while you speak to the camera!

g4rr377 says:

The guy with the camera is quite annoying

Trent Galloway says:

Based on these numbers I’m guessing you have it on 91 pump fuel vs E85 that she can take…

SoFlaShooter2189 says:

Nobody else thinks it’s weird the tac is jumping all over and the needle is like shit quality?

Rex_Trooper says:

“Worlds first ccx dyno” ………. this happened 8 years ago… harder my guy

ALIF Mohamud says:

i wonder what this is

Tad Ficus Catus says:

Swedish heavy metal baby!

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