How The Tesla Roadster Rockets Work – 0-60 In One Second?!

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The Tesla Roadster With Space X Thrusters Will Out-Accelerate Any Car
How The Tesla Roadster Hits 60 In 1.9s –
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How fast will the Tesla Roadster be? How do the Tesla Roadster cold gas thrusters work? How much will the Tesla Roadster weigh? What will the Tesla Roadster’s 0-60 be? How about braking distance, or cornering grip? Will the Tesla Roadster be able to fly? Using everything that’s been stated about the Tesla Roadster Space X Thruster package, we’ll deep dive into how the system works and what sort of performance metrics you can expect to see as a result.

The Tesla Roadster will use an electric air pump, powered by the main battery, to compress air into a composite over-wrapped pressure vessel (COPV). The COPV will deliver highly compressed air (~10,000 PSI) to around 10 cold gas thrusters integrated around the vehicle. This cold gas thrusters will allow for incredible acceleration, braking, cornering, and potentially even the ability to fly.

Thrust Equation Derivation: (See equation 6)
Base Equation Derivation –
Specific Impulse –

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Dave Williams says:

Top Fuel dragsters producing over 10,000 hp go from 0 – 100 mph in one second, and In order to exceed 300 MPH in 4 seconds, dragsters must accelerate an average of over 4 G's. In order to reach 200 MPH well before half-track, the launch acceleration approaches 8 G's. * Top Fuel engines turn approximately 480 revolutions from light to light!
That cold tank holding 10000 PSI better be bomb proof, if that sucker detonates the car and people in it will be shredded.

Robert Davis says:

Dang, Jason! I'm still working with feet, pounds and slugs … what's with the meters, kilograms and Newtons! :^)

Antoine Roquentin says:

how do they prevent pebbles on the street getting blasted around at sonic speeds

onradioactivewaves says:

Can someone explain to me what the purpose of hovering the car by thrusting it upwards, other than just "looking cool, because I can"? Theres no practical purpose of lifting the car off of the ground.

Russell Kearl says:

How big of a gap could it jump in the road at 60mph? I doubt any better then Keanu's Bus.

Davy Pig says:

I couldn’t follow. Will someone buy me one when they come out?

MrJabahr says:

If you alread know your explanation is going to be dissappointing to rocket scientists, why put it up on youtube in the first place – where everyone is a rocket scientist?
Worthless video

Muddy Relic says:

gonna tesla swap my jdm shitbox with a turbo

Luigi Anchondo says:

Who’s asian, mostly female and have a crush on Richard Hammond

ChaosWaschbär says:

WAS !!!


Ivan F says:

Yeesh! Don't call the cold gas thrusters rockets. Call them "scuba tanks" or something.

Benjamin Tabor says:

'Im sorry but you did something wrong. That acceleration is way greater than 1.44 g's

midknight says:

The nerd in me is so happy after this video

Jay Jain says:

shut down the mid rolls man.. its difficult to watch a video.

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