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HOW TO BEAT A PLAID * 1,000 HP BATTLE * Ferrari SF90 vs Tesla Plaid DRAG RACE

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We race the Ferrari SF90 Stradale vs the Tesla Plaid down the 1/4 mile
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DragTimes says:

If you could pick just one, what would it be? SF90 or Plaid?

Ted Marakas says:

Tesla is faster but the Ferrari sounds awesome

David Guillory says:

So, in the end, this is more of a video about reaction times than it is about which car is faster in the 1/4 mile…..its obvious the Tesla spanks that pos Italian car every single time.

mach51 says:

If your only goal is to go stop light to stop light faster than anyone else out there then by all means get the plaid. I drove my buddies and it's insanely quick and can haul a family of 4. Getting it stopped is not so much fun. It's a great car but the yoke is an absolute no-go for me. Only 1% of the people watching this video could actually afford the Ferrari if that many so discussing cost is stupid since the people who can afford it don't care. I drive an X5M that is a low 12 second SUV stock and it's plenty for me. I would possibly consider the Tesla "someday" for a daily driver but I love the V8 sound. I just need to avoid my buddy at the stoplights… 😉

Snehith Reddy says:

that is stuppid way of calculating points in drag race. if tesla is off the line before green then cut the clip, you should not give point to ferrari.

Vince Ballou says:

You would need a few more 'gas" stations for a Porsche to win.

Julian Papin says:

Ei vaan Ferkussa kyyti riitä.

Wolfgang Trupp says:

The Plaid just rules. It’s a more important car than the Model 3. It just turns the whole super car industry on its head.


This is why Tesla has become the most valuable car maker. Pure quality!

Vorname Nachname says:

let the plaid drag against ferrari fxx k Evo.

Aprilia Rider says:

Great video man. How many miles Tesla can go on full throttle 🤣😅 30 miles. Driving tesla I feel like dumb a..s.. I like how Ferrari was screaming.

Ntate Brian says:

Would take the Ferrari any day,fast enough ,sounds good would smoke the Tesla around a twisty road…Plaid looks like a brick…sure is fast as hell though

BobsUp83 says:

Nothing against Tesla, which is of course insane, but Ferrari is not a car for drag races. Put it on a track and bye bye Tesla!

Nick Хромов says:

Pfffff….. If 1/4 times meant something for Ferrari…
Hypercars are made for speed & overall performance, not backyard 1/4 mile runs.
But they mean smth to Tesla because it's the selling point of the car, fundamentally to make insane 1/4 mile runs, and have 300 mile of range.
But the point is the Ferrari is above all that shit!
It is like comparing Top Fuel Dragster to Bentley – dragster is faster but you don't drive it to Monaco.
Besides Tesla has very weak old fashioned brakes for all that power, as a result its Top speed is around 160 mph, witch is pathetic.
So Brooks next time go to airstrip, if you want to win against this plastic toy.

In 1/2 mile run or 1000m Ferrari will disintegrate Tesla.

Chris Scott says:

If you can only pick one car, money no option, what color Plaid would you get?

chabbi bacem says:

Just admit it buddy . The Ferrari has no change … 5-0 for Tesla of course . This hurts your ego

Satu Rupiah says:

The Ferrari is a beautiful car inside and out. Whereas the Tesla’s a plain Jane on the outside and features an I pad inside.

addictedtopussy69 says:

One car still uses vacuum hoses and dead dinosaur juice. LoL

YouTuber Baylee Xiong says:

That outside view reminds me so much of lightning McQueen of farrari

YouTuber Baylee Xiong says:

That farrari sounds wicked I Love it

Abraxas Tulammo says:

12:42 Turbo Lamborghinis cost millions of dollars? 🤔

Kevin barrett says:

Plaid wins all the races are you blind.

Diego Vergnano says:

Like hoonigan says, A CHASE IS A RACE, and that's a fact

Apollo 14 says:

Ferrari is crap. 5-0 Tesla. Add 1100 pounds to Ferrari and give it a $150,000 build budget.

XCR Zephyr says:

I want the Ferrari to win

easyli hanstyle says:

it is not a race for car, it is a race for driver.

shrekinasuit says:

Eliminate driver error and the Tesla wins 5:0.

Wade 38 says:

Tesla model s plaid vs Bugatti chiron

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