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Imagine (as we often do) that you were one of the 150 buyers lucky enough to have a £2.5m Aston Martin Valkyrie on order. Fortunately, Aston invited us to their purpose-built customisation chamber, to experience the steps every customer will go through! Subscribe to Top Gear for more:

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Atom X Alpha says:

That woman sure didn’t want him to have his own designs, she had to input on everything

#It's Ok to be Dutch says:

Top Gear is as dead and irrelevant as the BBC is. Go woke and go broke.

94JReedy says:

I hate being poor 🤣, that video was shot so well I felt drawn in asif I'm going to be in that situation both spoke so well maybe one day 🤣🤣

Harald G says:

My friend ordert it….I think it was bevor 2 years 🧐🧐🧐

Roger That! 10-4 says:

Spectacular sound, but i have a "Gassed" 2 stroke motorcycle that rev's to 16,000, & it's quite possibly as fast.

felix hartsuiker says:

what are u talking about valkyrie this obviously is a vagner!

Aditya Das says:

need a valkyrie simulator coz we too broke ;-;

Robert Russ says:

Libby could sell me a purple , brown and orange car……and I'd be happy.

The Mozart Thug says:

Do you do ford Mondeo green?

Raptile07 says:

At 0:14 min. which Aston Martin is this (on the right side)?

Carlos Rondon Moreno says:

He was wrong…now we have the GMA T50

bleeding edge says:

How to customize a vagner in gta online

Bam Bam 444 says:

So who specs it? the customer or the woman hmmm

Bulls Fan 69 says:

Dewbauchee Vagner, available to purchase on Legendary Motorsport for 1,535,000

Sreejith says:

Can you make a video on "How to afford Aston Martin Valkyrie"?
would be super helpful

frien234 says:

Russian Navy blue for me please…with white sailor hat stripes…Please deliver to my door next week.Thank you

Rodrigo de Piérola says:

The wiper just kill the esthetics.

Pookytroll says:

cosworth really knows how to build an engine

Nick Reinders says:

its more one of the 148 buyers. because daniel and max just get one.

Francuas Antoniou says:

I liked how this British woman was speaking

Charles Foster says:

No offense but…fading color scheme is just absurd

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