How to get the AIRTAIL (McLaren Speedtail) + LOCATION in JAILBREAK! [ROBLOX]

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In this video, I’ll be showing you guys how to get the AirTail Car in Jailbreak!


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Captain Tankman says:

Bruh i thoight its just a badge location

Vale07 says:

This Is the McLaren Speedtail

Addy Valdez says:


Chris Hayden Ocapan says:

Eat salad to be healthy and for subs

Pato Potato says:

Wow, cool video, thanks!

Speedeh says:

I have all car gonna buy this xdd


New Lambo is faster in Speed test than old Lambo !!

allan voi picones says:

btw u can also get it in the Military base uwu for cops now

varun palepu says:

I didn't expect that premium salad plays jailbreak

RoRie 83 says:

That like bumblebee

Paradox Newbie says:

You didn't tune your car, ofcourse slow

Eachann says:

I Dont Play Jailbreak Cuz It Lag Me

SHHGAMING 123 says:

Isn’t it strange how the mclaren company made the driver seat in the middle?

Princess- NaomiGaming-5 On Tik Tok says:

Love ❤️ u. Salad

Daler Uzbekov says:

I was playing 3 years of this but I still did not get 600k money 🙁

Brandon De la Cruz Hernández says:

Juega Banana eats porque sacaron una actualización

Dang man says:

Nice video 🙂

renata Daniel says:

I buyed your two item

Maveich Villamil says:


MclarenP1Brian says:

Mclaren speedTaiL

Mayra Angelica Hernandez says:

Is that jailbreak I have no money

Mayra Angelica Hernandez says:

I think this comment is going to be a bit stupid

Talles Santos 2014 says:


Keni TheC says:

Saw our face reveal


this video are nice and thanks for helping us to get badge also nice video

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