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How to kill Subaru Impreza WRX Sti

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This broke the engine. Crank got stuck in the block.

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Andrea Tumino says:

A little burnout never kill nobody

Daniel Morales says:

just make over 400hp, the tranny will do the rest

CragSide says:

After watching this i wanna sell my s4

Бектур Нуралиев says:

Welcome to шинамонтаж!


STI-pid fuck.

Nicholas Lim says:

Well he was literally redlining it the entire fucking time, but then again the engine should be able to handle that. That's the point of a redline, why does it seem that subarus have shitty reliability?

Houssam Harb says:

Still not dead

Alex Van Rooy says:

'Atta fuckin boy! Way to drive that!

Gabrielius Kačinskas says:

You killed a very good car, I hope you fix it

Who am I? says:

But why tho?

Jordan Erickson says:

How to kill an sti- drive it over 100k miles… If you're lucky. Sitting in my Quattro with 270k listening to the 'high miles (120k) sti owners bragging' laughing my ass off.

S Perera says:

What year is this car?

David Fletcher says:

And thats why i never buy used cars.

Psalm Tolward says:

What the heck he did not kill the car bruh

osta29000best says:

stackars bil


For sale. red sti, 1 owner from new, treated like a baby and never driven hard.

Peter Mashak says:

Fuck! I hate ricers!!

RedRyder Z says:

Sick skids bro

king Ramo says:

Hahaaaa geil ??

Johnny Gat says:

So sexy he was riding that rev limiter though???

hick dead says:

Im gonna go bye a civic

Erik Rodahl says:

Hey check out my music on my channel thanks.

Matthew Cotton says:

Here in australia we call that a siezed engine.but i reckon you cooked the engine run low on oil from continued circle work.or turned the engine straight off no oil flow plus heat not good my friend.poor subie never had a chance

Music Life Channel says:

сломать машину…кто таких далбаебов рожают? таким лучше вообще не давать за руль садится.

tin man jenkins says:

Props to the driver that was some professional skill.

Chris Robbins says:

Click bait. Thank me later.

ST60 FUN says:

If the engine isn't broke, at least the AWD system is

RobTapps88 says:

fuck off with your bullshit clickbait Fucking cuck

L4uR says:

Those who say subarus break down easily shut up they are in top 5 most reliable car companies you just dont have push the gas pedal like crazy

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