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Operating instructions for the Lamborghini Aventador.


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CG4165 YT says:

0:38 damn that's a voicecrack

Yahya Alkazzaz says:

Is the girl included with the car 😁

Vinayak Surve says:

I really alot of live a Lamborghini aventador i love you LAMBORGHINI the so hot sexy gorgeous Lamborghini aventador

detective khalifah says:

Buyer: Where is roof button?
Saler: ………….

Knight Harsh says:

But i didnt have the roof plate in my lamb i will complain to ur management offici

Jaideep Toor says:

Wow Lamborghini


How to get that hot girl?

Anirban Ghosh says:

The gear ar on the steering
My life was a lie

Adil Ahnaf Mahi says:

who is this girl???

Moët 111 says:

If I get rich I’m driving this to school.

spideken says:

she looks hot.

MUHAMMAD, Ali Abbas says:

Ooooooo wow

psn zsus says:

Thanks! Now how can i buy a Lamborghini? 🤔

riten Tamang says:


Ricardo medina says:

Que hermoso bebé y muy hermosa conductora de carros

MisterUrbanWorld says:

If the car doesn't have P, R, N, D on it i'm not buying. I don't have time for this complicated BS

praveen vemula says:

🤑😳wow very nice

Karina Godinez says:

Say hi to huston

John Aaron Gumasing says:


Lee Borders says:

Eww that girls nose is huge.

Brent Somme’ says:

Dude she left the start button door open and it’s distracting


Who have lamborghini aventador like the comment along with me

Yusuf Emir KURT says:

Bacaklardan arabaya odaklanamadim

Pearl Anderson says:

It cost just over $1000 to rent this car for a day where i live

John Kerwin says:

Ferrari left the group chat

John Kerwin says:

I think more than enough to the model hahahh

No name ok says:

Get this girl a better watch please

two Denise says:

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