How to make a £3m Bugatti Chiron Super Sport do 300mph!

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Introducing the record-breaking Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+! Earlier this year, this awesome hypercar soared past the 300mph mark and, now, Mat’s getting up close and personal with one! It’s got an INSANE 1,600hp, as well as 1,600Nm of torque, thanks to a monstrous W16 engine with four turbochargers! Plus, only 30 production models will ever be made, each of which cost €3.5 MILLION! So, the chances are this is going to be the closest you’ll ever get… Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Joseph Joy says:

Mat taking fashion advice from doug.

Felix Aria says:

And The bugatti vision gt how fast is it?

Mat thew says:

If anybody noticed the Chiron Ss looks more angry than the Chiron its self

Achim Vlad says:

The rear of this car reminds me of Darth Vader


Not a production car. It would be more convincing if it really look like a customer car. With all the infotaiment backseat and stuff. And its not a world record. Its a bugatti record.

Artan Çitaku says:

Do a bugatti drag race beacuse im so excited to hit 9 secs on the timer

Scorpio leon hehe says:

I have a buggati Chiron but damn take my money

Capital V says:

Looks like they really had to change a lot to get to 300mph. Didn’t like the original Chiron but this longer fastback makes it look good.

Ramune101 says:

Oh not clean
That’s alright

Mackerel says:

Me: One Day Imma but that Chiron….

Mat: They are all sold…

Me: 😭


Chiron is a two door coupe sport car. It has a dual clutch 7 speed transmission. Chiron has a Quad-turbo charged w16 8L engine which is capable of giving an 1,578 horse powers power output. During a test drive in 2019 the Super sport 300+ model of Chiron hit a top speed of 490 Km/h. This is the top speed a commercially available car ever made. So, this super powered beast remains in the first place of the fastest cars.

Michael Hovsep says:

Remember No touchy touchy

Brandon Humphrey says:

I dont believe that power output. Id say it closer to 2,000 hp if not more

عبدالسلام says:

كابرس هوائيات تقفل ملفه

Zalrasyad Zalfitri says:

so how much can I save on a normal Chiron through carwow?

Krypto animations says:

Road illegal

Serkan Öztürk says:

Bugatti vs Tesla?

Amoxtli says:

Must be nice to be able to afford a 3.5 million Bugatti 😑

Arda Aktaş says:

check my page too.

Excepticus 0503 says:

Bugatti: your turn
Koenigsegg:your turn
Bugatti: your turn
Koenigsegg:your turn
Hennessey: Hello?

Naughty Vidz says:

Pissed off about the bugs

Daz Fitch says:

Modified to do that speed… Can it handle corners? Can it feck

Rydnorth says:

imagine going 300mph…..damn

DigitalYojimbo says:

"Speed holes" the Simpson's were right yet again !

FrancisSpeak Life says:

What people don't know about this car is that, not only it can run 304 mph, it can also turn corners as well.

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