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How to remove the roof of a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster

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Don’t you love to learn about something you’ll never need to do in your life? Well whether it’s that or because you’ve got an Aventador Roadster being delivered soon, here’s a walk-thru of the process to remove the carbon roof panels on the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Roadster and stow them away in the bonnet.

The eagle-eyed may notice the car I drove is very similar to the car that Richard Hammond drove in tonight’s episode of Top Gear, just one character off on the plate!

Thanks for watching, Tim

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Chaos Rein says:

Thanks for showing me something that I can never use seeing as I’m poor

krishna mishra says:

wow nice step

Shane Earley says:

I always wondered can you have the roof panels the same colour as the car?

Apex Wolf Gaming says:

Oh so that's how you detach the top

Clorox Bleach says:

omg!!!my ferrari 458 convertible can take hardtop roof automatically!!!!wrong move for lamborghini…

Sparta ElgO says:

I hate when my dad takes the roof of when im in the car and were supposed to go somewhere it takes a lit of time

Max Fernon says:

Why can't lambo make a automatic roof system with a carbon roof like Ferrari


Nice efficiency if it rains for a £500,000 hypercar

svengary1193 says:

so over 440k people have a lambo and they all dont know how to open their roof….interesting

Josef Biro says:

Can you do a tutorial about a civic to cuz i dont know how to do that with mine

TheBlackSwordsMan says:

Wow that Lamborghini aventador roadster looks soooo awesome!!!!!!!???? Great video for teaching us how to take off the roof of the Lamborghini aventador roadster!!!!!!!

Derecha Libre says:

No te jodas tremenda Gonorrea para quitarle el techo a la mierda esa

Ivan Rosas says:

how do u put it back on?

What's the geek says:

I thought only the coupe had a removeble roof… maybe I'm just an idiot

Diógenes Santos says:

Presta não,é obrigado a tirar de mão

Sean S.C. Yeh says:

I can't wait to see Lambo owners do this in the sudden rain~wwwwww

Wilfred Wellester says:

Always thought it was automatic like you just push a button and the roof retracts

Akaun Bedek says:

thanks shmee

Mannie Rayment says:

Just in case your life depends on it! Thanks for the survival tips!

BoneCracker says:

"pull the front seat forwards"… Like as though there are seats in the back…

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