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How to reset your Service Indicator on a Mercedes A-Class

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The how to reset the Assyst, Procedure.

1)Turn the key to position 2 in the ignition lock and immediately press button 000.0 twice within the space of one second.

2)Turn the key to position 0 in the ignition lock.

3)Press and hold button 000.0 Turn the key to position 2 in the ignition lock. Keep button 000.0 pressed.

4)Service message with current remaining distance or remaining time appears.

5)After about 10 seconds, an acoustic signal will sound and the service display with the new starting distance or starting time appears for about 10 seconds.

6)Release button 000.0

Your service indecator is now set.

This only applies to the W168 Mk1 and Mk1 Facelifted A-Class only, IE: A140, A160, A190 & A210 Petrol and the A160CDI, A170CDI diesel engines.
This will not work on a W169 model which is from late 2004 onwards.

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Truls Fenes says:

Works perfect 🙂 TNX.

3mrandre says:

thanks from poland

jaime martinez says:

thank's! I have a problem from a replaced my battery. the lights inside the car are on all the time and when I close the car with the remote control the alarm sound. you know something about that? Thank's in advance!!!

How To Make says:

Thanks from san escobar

Atomic Hippie says:

Thanks from Australia mate 8)

Seane shiftit says:

Thank you much appreciated!


Thank you from Hellenic Makedonia

michaela juhler says:

Thank you from denmark

kovika8311 says:

thank you from Hungary. .:)

Socol Ionut says:

Thank you from Romania my friend !

Rea Black says:

Thank you from Romania and Wales as well!

Valerijs Limars says:

thanks from Latvia

Florinel Leonte says:

Thanks from Norway

Bino Zockt says:

Works fine on my A140 ´99 Thanks a lot 😀

Mika Ruotsalainen says:

Thanks from Finland

vladimir boshkovski says:

thanks from Makedonia

Ahmet Tanriverdi says:

Thanks. It worked on my 170CDI, but it reset to 20000.

Guinnessian says:

Thanks. It worked a treat on my A170CDI. Reason for resetting it was that annoying beep every time I started the car.
I got the car from an indie six months ago "fully serviced" . Go figure…

reallamozz says:


saman zirek says:

عالی بود مرسی

Filip Łakomy says:

Dzięki. 50 zł w kieszeni

Producciones SR says:

Thank you man!! =)

Vojkan Luznjanin says:

It works!…..thanks from Serbia.

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