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how to solve the abs bas asr problem on Mercedes C Class W202 this video could save you hundredths

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This is 1 job you should fix right away abs bas asr problem on Mercedes C Class W202
1998 Mercedes c180 brake light switch part number 0015450109
1998 Mercedes c180 (the front right side) wheel speed sensor part number 2105407681
google these part numbers and you will find what you’re looking for

this is a common problem with lots of different mercedes makes and models

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Fethi Bekouche ben zeian says:

I have a speedometer problem does not work
what is the reason

Hafid Founti says:

comment faire réparer ABS sûr une Mercedes classe

Hafid Founti says:

comment faire réparer ABS sûr une Mercedes classe

Jim Baxter says:

when these lights are showing the first a simplest thing to do is go to brake pump and unlock the plastic locking devices on the two multi plugs very carefully unplug them check for corrision or moisture you may find their ok and carefully replug them into position making sure they are fully in and relock them i done this on my 2003 e class as a last resort after many years and much money it takes about 20 minutes .

Lawrence Dunn says:

In the interest of helping solve this issue for others, I just just fixed this problem by replacing the ARB bushes and drop links. These two parts wear out quickly on the w210 and cause you to feel every bump in the rd. After replacing these parts the lights are now out, as the bumps were triggering the warning.

Richard Kuningas says:

Thanks for this info! Just replaced the switch on a 99 C200 and it was a doddle.

popsztej says:

It doesn't work! I've lost brake lights, ASR, cruise control… Just replaced this shitty swich, but it didn't solve the problem.

Clint Hightower says:

Good job on this video, thank you very helpful!

Wray Lawrence says:

change switch works great. thank you 30.00 $

Chakra Perbhawa says:

Master, I've tried to change the switch but the light is still on. Help me master. My car is 1999 C230 kompressor

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