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How to start up a McLaren Senna!

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Neo says:

My dad just bought me one, thank you for telling me this vital info bro . I forsho would’ve crashed that bih pushing buttons 🙏🏽🙏🏽

Abyss says:

eh it’s fine anyway because McLaren make shit cars.

Ben Priest says:

Lame. Obnoxious accent

majorglenn says:

He got no racing-expirience.
But explaining a Senna.
Thats what I was waiting for

ALI CODM says:

aw man I hate when this happens to my McLaren Senna, I had to buy a new one everytime so thanks for the video 🙏🙏

jeci8909 says:

How to feel good about yourself on youtube 1.0.1

yun guitar says:

Why doesnt burn yet

bitzjason1 says:

What if he dropped the key into the exhaust 💀💀

danners238 says:

It needs that extra weight savings to counteract the pile of raw pastry driving it

James Ryan says:

Ah yes another burning question answered by shmee. Thank goodness for that

Clayton Marty says:

and here comes senner with his honder engine!!!

not_halfbad says:

The start button is up top so you can start the car while harnessed in.

Confederate DEO VINDICE says:

Oh yes I was wondering how I would start my next McLaren LOL I drive a Ford F-150 I don't like this truck it leaks well a lot of oil do you think I can afford a fucking McLaren how about a Ferrari a Porsche Lamborghini a Corvette fuck a Mustang no I can't afford none of those

Markos Karabinakis says:

Ahahahah imagine wasting a McLaren senna by having its steering wheel on the right side instead of having it in the left like a normal person 😂😂💀🤷

Beelzebob the innocent says:

And now there's half a dozen hatchbacks on the market for about $40,000 that will kick ass on this machine what a joke

MrTechEasy says:

Idk man took a few seconds to start

Have you tried changing the spark plugs

derin111 says:

This will surely come in handy for me. Thanks

T S says:

Nothing like driving the car from the passenger seat… Must be crazy driving on the wrong side of The road everywhere else in the world

Zack W says:

So no auto start? That’s just an extra button on the key and a computer program so not a lot of excuses when it’s a million dollar car

Ckc dillpickle says:

So to save weight they installed the button on the roof so it's farther away from the electronics

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