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How To: Your Mercedes-Benz A Class

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Rebecca Sides, Inchcape Mercedes-Benz Fleet manager talks you through the features of your new car.
For more information about the latest deals and offers at Inchcape Mercedes-Benz follow Rebecca at:

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puff puff pass 2460 says:

Great review

Shahid KR says:

Wo! I love it & wanna get mine ASAP….. but only obstacle is…. I can't even dreamnto afford it…. ?

Ismail7 Ismail7 says:

beautiful car

Veronica Brooks says:

But its an automatic and surely most cars in UK are manual?

Victor Song says:

No tilt wheel? No spare tire? (Is there a depression/well for it in the trunk floor?) Does the cabin have built in mike for the hands-free phone? The seat adjust is not electric?

TASS.K says:

I can't wait to get mine, I've watched this video so many times ?

tangente00 says:

best a class "tutorial"

yemzywemzy says:

Amazing video Becs!!!

Chaos Zombie999 says:

Man I remember what the A class looked like before the Facelift

Kas Kasa says:

well done great reveiw

A Lahmek says:

how to change the indicator of the external mirror

Neilen Tolmay says:

Great thanks for this very educational video. Much appreciated.

Rob Wilson says:

I've just bought an A250 and a bit disappointed that the media won't play Flac files….also is adding DAB easy? I have the Harman Kardon branded ICE….

cmilk bhoyz says:

hi. i have an a class 180 d it did not come with a sat nav. if i where to get an sd card would this work. or is there somthing else could have to get….

Adam Woodward says:

is there a button on the A classes key to open the boot???

FMTFXE22 says:

Any videos on a CLS550?

Iv x ShotttZz says:

Can you Do a video with A45 AMG

ArashTAM says:

do you need to upgrade to command online to get apple car play? or does it come as a standard? if not can you use bluetooth to listen to music?

HD Kit says:

Does the A Class have motability offers?

Chives 1000 says:

Have you done GLA?

Gary Woolley says:

Hi can you tell me who makes the A class engine I've been told they are made by Renault

Suraj Vyas says:

Can u only plug in for I-phone or is it for android as well.

Ethan Straughn says:

The Petronas edition wheels are needed ?

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