HYPERCAR DRIVE! W Motors Fenyr Supersport and Lykan Hypersport Convoy in Dubai

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It wouldn’t be a visit to Dubai without visiting W Motors and even better a hypercar drive with both the Fenyr Supersport and Lykan Hypersport together! It’s not often you see them out on the roads together that’s for sure.

After having a first drive in the Fenyr on a previous trip to the UAE, this time we’re also taking out the Lykan too for a convoy drive. The Fenyr features an 810hp 3.8l twin turbo flat-6, with a 7 speed PDK and brings about it quite the dramatic experience. From the unique doors opening towards the rear, to a bespoke look inside and out, there’s a lot to take in very quickly before getting onboard for a spontaneous drive together to a checkpoint.

The Dubai Shopping Festival and W Motors have partnered up through Idealz to offer an incredible prize of winning a Fenyr! More information can be found here: https://www.idealz.com/CR-00041.html

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
00:45 Fenyr
02:09 On the Road
05:54 Out of Traffic
08:31 Checkpoint
13:00 Back at Base

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Shmee150 says:

Now this was fun! Join me with W Motors to take out the Fenyr and Lykan for a hypercar convoy together in Dubai. What a crazy opportunity and what a dramatic car to experience! More info about winning a Fenyr: https://www.idealz.com/CR-00041.html

moizzkhan says:

That Renault driver is so confused.

Arul Roshan says:

Iam gonna spend that millions in pagani or Lamborghini

gabriel martinez says:

Beautiful Dubai! It’s not like USA homeless on the streets and trash everywhere

Michael Wilson says:

Beautiful machines.

Mister Super Cool says:

This car is dumb cost 3M and only 810 horsepower


as expensive as these things are and they arent push start ?

SpectxreRBLX says:

Not gonna lie, the Fenyr Supersport's rear end kinda looks like a Lamborghini SC18, or the Italia Design Zerouno.

Connor SHIFT says:

if this car does not appear in Batman movie I’ll be disappointed.

Bely Bob says:

Who is interested in Arab hypercars? Not many! They better call them the Dubai Mirages

whiteandnerdytuba says:

Nice looking 200 grand 6 banger. Would feel bad if anyone paid more

Kenny Phun says:

Do not fly it out of window like Vin Diesel did😂 Damn driving the beast around Dubai at night 👍👍👍👍👍👍

Lucky Seven says:

Damnnn Dubai is like a paradise!

Sam Walling says:

Love these cars!! How many did they make/sell??

Endurance Makahamadze says:

hie guys im shmeeeeeee

Jeee Whyyy Pheee says:

8:52 is that white nissan patrol I suppose with RB26 in it?

Alex Sun says:

It’s an overpriced Porsche.

Senshi Bat says:

Do Buy..oh,my.. were you measuring autos and 747 cargo planes to ferry a few home?

natbarron says:

1 of the most powerful 6 cylinders out there?

Joel R says:

Beasts like this should be manual. If you've got the bread, you should have the skills. Not to mention the additional control that banging gears gives the user

Henry Park says:

Imagine seeing one of these on the road … the coolest car I’ve ever seen on the road was a 720S (looks amazing in person)

chris jarret says:

Fun game to play before watching his videos. Try and guess how many times he says “crack on, burbles, grumble, crackles, just listen to that, I’m speechless and mega” etc. for everyone you get wrong take a shot Lolololol.
Just for fun love his videos.

Marko Urbac says:

I wonder if they have even sold any…

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