I Bought a SMASHED Mclaren 720s ( IS IT FIXABLE ) – Episode 1

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Welcome back to the channel! In today’s video I buy probably the cheapest McLaren 720s ! we go pick it up , hang out with samcrac and slowly start taking apart the Mclaren ! Enjoy!

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vinod .r says:

I was expecting it in goo squad garage but ,it's good to see you got the deal McLaren 😍

HARNESS84 _ says:

Dude, that thing is a work of art. No matter how well you think you have fixed it, you havnt. You just made it into a death trap. You should have just taken the engine and transmission and put it into another car. It does make great click bait youtube though

curtis wilcock says:

Damnnnnnn that’s so nice 👍

N.P. Bensberg says:

I'm interested but you have far too many adverts.

Pupi 1 says:

Te entiendo todo, pero 22:41 para esto?
A la gente que le gustan los autos, no le gustan tantas palabras. BLA BLA BLA…
a ver si dejás de hablar, ya hablaste demasiado, y avanzas mas en el auto que no se va a hacer solo.

Nikhil Ramprasad says:

18:58 The Forbidden spatula

Aaron Cohen says:

I love you. I'm subscribed I wana.see the car finished

Aaron Cohen says:

Hes soo dreamy sweet and adorable. I love him.. good luck with the car


Great channel and excited to see this build go ahead , 👍😊

George Luna says:

The question is how much did u pay for it?

jakesta247 says:

I gotta say, the editing on this was insanely good!!!

Young Finance says:

after you fix it can you do a giveaway? lol

Andrew Pople says:

Please lose the background music

synth_storm says:

it will buff out. Im sure of it

Cole says:

Good luck with getting parts for it. Ask Tavarish

Vinnie Mitchell says:

That brake an sensor lol saved you a good chunk of money believe or not ..i can not wait to see it when it is all done bro an congrats on this amazing build bro im new to the channel but i am along time subscriber now ..

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