I can break into a Tesla roadster trunk in 60 seconds. I was locked out.

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For years Tesla had no service support for their first car the Tesla roadster. it was mainly supported by a user community.

Since the video was made I had the trunk fixed but I’m glad I kept the tool, because it stopped working again.

When it broke the first time there was no service option from tesla, I had it fixed at the “Roadster Whisperer” in Seattle. Tesla wasn’t supporting their first Roadster vehicle for years. However in 2020 they have since started providing dedicated service technicians and I have an appointment at Tesla to get it fixed again. 🙂

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kunal says:

Elon Musk : he is too dangerous to be left alive

CCRob720 says:

He will probably forget and put the tool in the trunk just before getting the trunk stuck.

Logert Gogert says:

Good job now other people know how to break into tesla roadsters now

TD GUFO says:

Is that a tesla roadster it doesn't look like one

The_Harbour_Boys says:

Screw driver does the same would know that if you did repairs your self not the shop

Verified says:

Hopefully they dont patch it in the next update.

victor Rhone says:

Just get it fixed right. Junk ass cars

ABir NiGam says:

Ooo can i know which area you live in real quick…???

Rui m says:

Testla is shit…

OffdaRoots says:

Shish-kebab skewer comes optional with the roadster as additional feature

Ace Bisnar says:

Just dont put your tool in the trunk.

Howard The Alien says:

He just showed buglers how to break into Tesla roadsters

XONAR G says:

So where do you live again ?

Sam Sung says:

I'm sorry I was distracted by the neon green tape…..🤔

Mib says:

You've made a makeshift travelers hook!
Welcome to lock-picking. 🙂

Adam A. says:

Bro is that a fucking rx8

Acting like Conor says:

Is that a lotus exige in the background? Very nice


No one:
Him when all his stuff is gone after this vid is posted:

OhioGrownJay says:

Good thing we have the right to repair our own cars… because we own them…
sweats profusely

Charlie says:

Tesla truly is the Apple of carmakers

Haru_OW says:

Oh I learned how to break up a roadster trunk. Hmm would be a good idea to teach the social media how to break into cars

Sprits Fal says:

What if he forgets and stores that tool in the trunk? 🤣

Joe Skinner says:

Congratulations, now people now how to break into your car

Calieb Hudson says:

love the lotus❤️

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