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I drove the new Lexus LS and tested its safety systems – but one failed! | MatVlogs

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During a recent trip to Japan, I got to sample the all new Lexus LS 600h. The latest version of the brand’s luxury saloon is packed full of safety tech, including some seriously smart autonomous driving functions. Much of it could genuinely help prevent serious accidents – both with other cars or even pedestrians. But when I put one of the systems to the test, it didn’t quite work as I expected…

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林辰叡 says:

that fail is scary. if u not paying attention on driving,u could get crush.

Rahul vinal Narayan says:

Such an ugly car. Oh Lexus what happened to you?

Ocojyo San says:

Welcome to japan.

FinalWill says:

By law in my country, you are not allowed to switch the turn signals on, untill you are sure you can instantly change lanes. In other words you must first check the mirrors then if its clear you turn the signals on and switch lanes. I dont know what they will say about this.

John Sluder says:

I will keep my older LS. I absolutely hate that stupid grille.

Karun Thaper says:

A mishmash of other cars. Nothing original at all. The front is nice, back is horrendously shocking, the random 3D interior and diamond stuff is tasteless. Topped off with shitty beeps from old radio clock or microwave. Lexus really need to be innovative and bold. They are technology powerhouses and Lexus customer Service is groundbreaking compared to other brands. We are a Lexus family, but my next car will not be a Lexus. A shame as we have had a Lexus on our drive in some guise since the 90s.

David Hilbert says:

accidently they made lexus unsafety

Trancemusiconly says:

headlamps are awful

Walid Abdulwali says:

looks like a million dollar car wel done lexus

elgi131 says:

I like these vlogs, informative and quite funny, in true Mat style.

28leojay says:

All of these features were available in a Merc E Class since its launch
Now also available in the S Class. They work better too, trust me, i have tried it.

Aidar Kussainov says:

wow…what a useless lane change assist system. I simply can't see anyone using it in everyday driving.

Bonquishria says:

Nice design but it ages very quickly.

Broadcast Channel says:

Pretty but dumb

Jayson Davis says:

Looks nice. It’s deeply satisfying to see how that so-reviled Bangle Butt (which I always loved) is still around and still being applied from the mid range to the high end. That decklid is 100% unadulterated 2002 BMW 7 Series.

CanadaCraig says:

The 'lane change' thing truly is silly. In fact – most of these new-fangled 'driver assistance' things do nothing but ADD an incredible amount of stress to driving. It's like allowing a 6 year old to 'take the wheel'. "Having fun Billy? Try not to kill us!"

pyshello says:

does it come with an RC-F driving in front of you as standard? 🙂

Christian de Ravin says:

For God's sake, cars have become so boring these days

Dezz9820 says:

Damn that lexus looks so so good

tupaei01 says:

When the Japanese get their autonomous driving functions 100 % then I would trust them. Although I don't like those cars which are planned that people can't drive at all. I love driving and it's not right, what about motorcycles with a person driving, are they also banned from traffic in the future…? It sounds like totalitarianism. Anyways the Lexus system obviously isn't there yet, maybe in a few years…

Mojo Jojo says:

He accelerated which disabled the function. SMH

Dubai DRIVER says:

The rear camera view in rear view mirror is a great feature.
Lane change feature is lame!

Have you seen how Audi & VW Arteon are programmed to autonomously stop on the side of the road in case of emergency, instead of disengaging and hitting a concrete barrier? 😛

taz874 says:

regarding the human assistance. how much extra for a milf to come with the car

Finn Mertens says:

Initially our soldier hold agent whole energy lobby kind active highway.

BassVentura says:

Lexus….meh ?

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