I Drove The Ultra Rare McLaren Speedtail

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I get behind the wheel of the super rare Speedtail, which has just been delivered to Tomini Classics in Dubai! What’s even more special is this is Chassis number 2 of 106 in the world!! This is the most aero drag efficient McLaren ever made… check out all the coolest features it has, including the 3 seat configuration with the driver in the middle. Much love, Alex


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Supercar Blondie says:

Follow me on insta to see stories and updates ❤️ on what cars are coming next and where I’m going to be in the world 🌎! Love ya! https://www.instagram.com/supercarblondie

Wrldofempty says:

Imagine being able to say “ dad what care are we taking oh we’re just taking the speed tail you mean the 4 MILLION DOLLAR CAR

athira syamala says:

your vidio is very nice like it and care you are nice . it is a kids

The_Larson Family says:

That's not a car that's an art piece

Gio says:

Dat gicci belt gives extra 2 poni power

Y-U-video says:

Saw the key and realized: Oh that's actually a Daihatsu.

Paul Wickett says:

im going to convince myself that this car is filled with the scent of a blonde woman from austria to justify its purchase

Valkyrie's 007 says:

I'd DEFINITELY smash it!😂

Calvin Riggs says:

Your're awesome love the energy you put out keep doing your thing.

Pradeep Naidu says:

ugly design not expected of mc laren

عبدالله العساف says:

Sound like plants

Keshav says:

Oh no the car looks asymmetrical

MFK S2 says:

One more thing missing in the car is you talking and actually driving the car have a bloody speed test

Nadha Mohamed says:

i have the speed tail

Sheng Duh says:

For sure Manny Khoshbin has the #1 ever made.

Mohammed Al-jabal says:

It looks like a tesla

Sachin Ramesh says:

This car reminds me of the legendary Jaguar XJ220

Joe Thompson says:

The organic kayak wailly excite because baseball erroneously spell among a willing denim. testy, square double

Umar Nizami says:

Peaple who dislike these videos are jealous of all the cars she's driven.

Emmanuel Mathew says:

Who is watching in 2021

Ervins Novoa Badilla says:

I dont know English

A7PHY says:

She sounds like horizon from apex legends

Simon rose says:


art of sebink says:

Tolls set are titanium not gold

aunt jemima says:

can i buy it

Supercar Genius says:

Wow it's amazing Thanks Supercar Blondie, you're the best car reviewer 👍👍👍👍👍

Whatsth3ruckus says:

That’s not a gold tool kit. That’s a 3D printed titanium tool kit made by Snap-On. Hardcore McLaren F1 fans will remember that the F1 also came with a titanium tool set, but not 3D printed since it was the early 90’s.

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